I'm not sure what the benefit of shipping Arora is. According to KubuntuKarmicWebbrowser it has a bunch of bugs. Konqueror has it's share of problems but the KHTML guys are actively working on it (although fixes aren't expected until 4.4 at the earliest). Why would we ship *two* incomplete browsers in addition to Firefox? And I certainly would *not replace* Firefox with Arora.

Some issues to add to the list:

  • No "Save Link As..." option, you have to click to download and let it download in the default location
  • Default location for downloads should be ~/Documents or ~/Downloads, not ~/Desktop
  • Click to install Flash did not work in Jaunty and installing the flash10 package did not work
  • There are some UI widget artifacts around the location bar
  • Page scrolling seems slow and choppy.. rendering issue?

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