This guide provides instructions and best-practice guidelines on how to set up a project for translations in Launchpad.

Set up project-wide translations settings

Project translations settings in Launchpad

You'll generally set this when you create the project in Launchpad. Thus you'll only need to set these once (but you can change them at any time):

  1. Go to https://translations.launchpad.net/$YOURPROJECT/+configure-translations

  2. Set Type of service for translations application: to Launchpad

  3. Set Translation focus: to your development trunk. This affects the visibility of translations in Launbhpad. You can change this later to another branch you want translators to focus on.

  4. Set Translation group: to Ubuntu Translators. This will define who can review translations. Ubuntu Translators is a group of experienced translators organized in language teams that care for the quality of translations

  5. Set Translation permissions policy: to Restricted. This will ensure only the translations group set above can change translations.

  6. Press Change to apply the settings

Set up series-specific translation settings

You'll generally set these as part of the tasks of creating a new series.

  1. Go to https://translations.launchpad.net/$YOURPROJECT/$SERIESBRANCH/+translations-settings

  2. Set up automatic imports to update exposed strings automatically from the .pot file in the source tree: set Import settings: to Import template files

  3. Set up automatic exports to auto-commit translations to your trunk branch by clicking on the Choose a target branch link and setting the branch there, using the format ~$TEAM/$YOURPROJECT/$SERIESBRANCH

Translations import/export settings in Launchpad

Translations import/export settings in Launchpad


  • You can also set the translations for all series from a single location at https://translations.launchpad.net/$YOURPROJECT - use the automatic import link for the relevant branch in the Set up translations for a series

  • Automatic exports work by auto-committing translations done through the web UI. Only the .po files for the languages changed are committed, in a single transaction, daily.

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