Ubuntu Localization and Translations issues are handled by the Ubuntu Translations (ubuntu-translations) project.

The project is used in the following purpose:

Ubuntu I18N/L10n issues

Reporting i18n/l10n issues

Ubuntu issue

Please see:

Launchpad Translations issue

Launchpad Translations is the web tool used for translating Ubuntu. Issues should be reported against the Launchpad project.

If you have problems using Launchpad Translations please consult the Launchpad Translations help pages. If after reading the help pages you still have questions, please ask them using Launchpad Answers.

Before adding a bug for Launchpad Translations please make sure this is not actually an Ubuntu bug.

Here is a (non-exhaustive) list of problems that should be filled against Launchpad Translations:

  • if submitting a suggestion or translation causes an error in the web application


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