February 2008 Team Reports

If your team is not making team reports, see these guidelines for how to do so.

Ubuntu Development Teams

Documentation Team

  • http://doc.ubuntu.com is now up and working again as a preview server for documentation for the development version of Ubuntu.

  • Great work is being done by the server team on improving and expanding the serverguide documentation
  • First upload of ubuntu-docs has been made to hardy - version 8.02.1 with loads of bug fixes.

  • Translations of ubuntu-docs are open for hardy.

  • Brasero upstream documentation 75% complete.

Installer Team

  • Several bugs were fixed in Ubiquity.
  • A new timezone widget was added to Ubiquity.
  • MD5 checking on file copy was added to Ubiquity.
  • Ubiquity now drops privileges where possible.
  • ubiquity-preserve-home was re-enabled.

  • The advanced page now offers a list of possible targets for grub installation.
  • apt-authentication-reliability landed.

  • Ubiquity now has a proxy option in the advanced dialog.
  • Several bugs were fixed in Wubi.
  • umenu, a replacement for WinFOSS, was added to the daily live CDs.
  • Several bugs were fixed in the Ubiquity Mythbuntu frontend.


  • NEW Packages: ubuntustudio-controls, stepic, sdlmame, libtree-perl, simdock, chm2pdf, wxformbuilder, libswingworker-java, libbeansbinding-java, falconpl, libappframework-java, libnb-svnclientadapter-java, libnb-javaparser-java, basic256, kde4-style-bespin, industrial-icon-theme, xtide-wvs1-data, mousetweaks, mythbuntu-diskless, gmyth, mumble, ssm, libdlna, opensg, alsa-firmware, ushare, gmusicbrowser, kpovmodeler-kde4, kgrab-kde4, malbolge, lemonpos-kde4, torque, extremetuxracer, kde4-style-bespin, kita2, termlauncher-applet, kepas, console-freecell, wildmidi, clipper, gtkglextmm, poppler-data, qdevelop, fluid-soundfont, ubuntume-gdm-themes, usplash-theme-ubuntume, blueproximity, libnb-platform7-java, kdiamond-kde4, lashwrap, obex-data-server, libini4j-java, libdaemon-generic-perl, libfile-flock-perl, zend-framework, gnome-do, do-plugins, thunar-svn-plugin, phatch, ubuntume-themes, qdevelop, php-xdebug
  • New packages we got from Debian: tile, (...)
  • Daniel Hahler was deemed 100% ready for MOTU and he finally joined the team!

  • After getting amazing feedback from his sponsors, the MC made Siegfried Gevatter part of the MOTU team.

  • New libmp4v2 binaries, now provided by mpeg4ip instead of a 2-year-old faad snapshot, finally entered the archive thanks to the efforts of John Dong and Mario Limonciello. This unbroke libmp4v2 builds, resulting in some updates to multimedia software in universe: faac 1.26 (first update since Breezy!), avidemux 2.4.0 and gtkpod 0.99.12.

  • The MOTU team will participate in the UbuntuDeveloperWeek in a lot of interesting sessions.

  • Cesare Tirabassi, Luke Yelavich, Sarah Hobbs, Scott Kitterman, Stefan Potyra were elected into the MOTU Release team.

  • The MC agreed that Matvey Kozhev has all it takes to become a MOTU.


  • It's been a while since reports were filed, no overly important items previously.
  • Switched to MythTV trunk/release-0-21-fixes in preparation for tis release in the next month.
  • Lots of bug fixing. All Mythbuntu applications should be much more stable.
  • Helping new contributors get related applications into apt.
    • - Introduce a diskless client package. - Introduce an iPod/PSP transcoding package with RSS feeds
  • Release a second alpha disk with above notes.


  • Reporting & Documentation

    1. The ServerTeam is streamlining the status reporting process. Weekly meeting agenda items will be based on the ServerTeam roadmap. Reporting will, in turn, be based on the status reports from the weekly meetings.

    1. /ServerTeam/GettingInvolved GettingInvolved updated with forum information

  • Support & Community

    1. Michael Behrens and Nick Barcet independently began working on making surveys as a way to better understand users of the Ubuntu Server Edition. They've joined forces and the ServerTeam is working on defining questions that will hopefully allow us to better identify where to focus resources, support, and development. [1]

    2. Michael has also added a sticky post to the forums which describes how to get involved and where to find help. [2]
    3. The need for a lightweight mentoring program was identified as a way to possibly spur interest in growing communinity participation with the ServerTeam. Mathias has proposed an initial outline of how the process would work. [3]

    4. Michael reported that the "Server & Security" forum has been split in two and both are listed under the main support categories.

      [1]: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ServerTeam/Survey

      [2]: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=702167

      [3]: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ServerTeam/Mentoring

  • MIR Status
    • Snort has been pushed back.
    • drdb needs needs some work, that zul has almost completed.
    • Only munin hasn't been reviewed.
  • Bacula Status
    • ivoks removed a lot of the universe dependencies from the bacula package. The remaining one is sqlite/sqlite3, which should be moved to main soon. mathiaz suggested to ask the MOTU release team for a FF exception or at least review the changes made in order to make sure that the bacula upload to universe isn't against FF. ivoks will get in touch with the MOTU release team to get an FF exception before uploading bacula to universe.
  • Ebox Status
    • zul said that ebox is in a much better packaging state and is getting closer to being uploaded to universe.

Ubuntu Studio

  • Continuing to manage/merge seed changes.
  • Artwork is 75% complete.
  • Continue testing and fixing bugs.

Fridge Team

  • Continued to post events to the fridge
  • Continued to post UWN to the fridge
  • Discussed new Launchpad-based mailing list

Kubuntu Team

  • KDE 3 branch updated to 3.5.9 in Hardy
  • KDE 4 branch updated to 4.0.1 in Hardy and Gutsy (Gutsy PPA)
  • KOffice2 updated to Alpha 6 release in Hardy and Gutsy (Gutsy PPA)
  • Improvements to the new Printer configuration application (system-config-printer)
  • Improved LUKS support
  • HTTP Proxy support added to Ubiquity (ubiquity-frontend-kde)
  • South Birmingham LUG (sblug) held a Kubuntu Bug Triage Tutorial
  • Welcomed 3 new members - Carlos Diener (emonkey), Christian Mangold (neversfelde), and Eugene Tretyak (etretyak)

Mobile Team

Status report for week 04

Moblin Kernel and Driver Status

  • Kernel Support Rebased kernel-mid-2.6.24 to linux-2.6.24-rc8 and fixed some issues - WIFI does not work on Samsung Q1 Ultra. The root cause is Ubuntu kernel uses a volatile tmpfs to hold restricted drivers, while Moblin Image Creator would lose the volatile during umount/mount cycle and thus would create wrong Modules.dep file. PSB / SLT HW Support No changes this week. SDIO Pported Marvell SDIO 8686 wifi card V9 version driver (with V9 firmware). The new driver was not put to Moblin yet. We expected lots of tests to verify the new ported driver. Dabney Thermal patches No changes this week. USB Client Drivers Moblin Media team is starting to integrate USBC media sync feature, mainly focus on DBus message handling exported by udev scripts. A driver upgrading was scheduled in WW09.

    PSB Gfx & Video Drivers Upgraded PSB Gfx drivers to Beta6. Both kernel drivers and user space drivers were updated. Power and Performance Testing/Optimization Tested Moblin kernel-mid 2.6.22 S3 stability on Crown-beach D0 board. Found: 1. without nolapic_timer, the system could suspend/resume once, but for second cycle, the system would hang with post code 0200/0002, and system could resume normally after toggling lid switch couple of time. 2. with USB Ethernet dongle, after resume from S3, kernel would have 800+ wake up events per second. Sometimes, with the USB Ethernet dongle the system even refused to suspend to S3. 3. Sometimes USB mouse did not work properly after resume and USB Ethernet dongle could not get IP address. We would like to discuss this issue with Ubuntu kernel team during Intel/Ubuntu sprint. Grub fast boot/resume No changes this week.

Mid Browser status

  • The Midbrowser is now officially using the FF3.0 beta 2 code base. A package has been uploaded to the gaston repository.
  • Team is busy working on Panning support and bug fixes.

Status report for week 05

Moblin Kernel and Driver Status

  • Kernel Support Synced Moblin kernel 2.6.24 with formal 2.6.24 kernel. He also fixed linux-headers folder issue (/lib/modules/*/build should be a symbol link to /usr/src/linux-headers*). Started to append build number to Moblin kernel binary package and started to look into libata UDMA5 support on CRB D0 board. PSB / SLT HW Support Found HDA device extra interrupt issue: When intel HDA is working (play a wav file, for example), there are 50+ IRQ17 nobody handled interrupts happen. We suspected it maybe a hardware issue but currently not enough evidence proved. SDIO Confirmed with C0 board the SDIO timeout waiting for interrupt error was gone. Dabney Thermal patches No changes this week. USB Client Drivers No changes this week.

    PSB Gfx & Video Drivers Did not get updates from Inuka. Power and Performance Testing/Optimization Did not get updates from Jay. Grub fast boot/resume Added 2.6.24 support to grub fast boot/resume patch and verified without nolapic_timer and with HT enabled, the 2.6.24 kernel fast resume very stable (tested with 20+ cycles).

Status report for week 06

Sprint week

Status report for week 07

Moblin Kernel and Driver Status

  • Kernel Support

    For bug https://bugs.launchpad.net/moblin-kernel/+bug/186038 we confirmed S3 worked on Moblin 2.6.22 /2.6.24 kernel after getting a D0 board with BIOS 68. Found screen distortion issue after S3, and already redirected the issue to Gfx team. Also confirmed touch screen functional on CB but did not enabled calibration tool yet. Found a bug in kernel USB host controller driver -- the driver should disable the USB HC interrupt as early as possible during initialization if the BIOS enabled USB legacy support. The unexpected interrupt may cause OS to mask the "nobody cared" interrupt source and cause USB system working under polling mode. The patch is located at http://www.moblin.org/repos/?p=projects/kernel-mid-2.6.24.git;a=blob;f=debian/patches/debian/patches/0021-legacy-usb-int-fix.dpatch And already pushed it to Ubuntu PPA repo. Worked out a workaround to avoid touchscreen double click issue when enabled external mouse support in xorg.conf, the root cause is the touch screen events are exported through input/event and mice interface simultaneously. PSB / SLT HW Support Enabled a workaround for udma5 support in libata on D0 board -- the 80/40 cable detection register is reserved for Poulsbo PATA register...and already pushed it to PPA repo. Pushed pciutils source to PPA with new Poulsbo PCI IDS. Those new IDs have been uploaded to Ubuntu package by the maintainer while debian pciutils package maintainer will not update the PCI IDs from Intel -- he like to picked up them from upstream. SDIO No changes this week. Dabney Thermal patches No changes this week. USB Client Drivers Alek upgraded the USBC driver to version Beta4 (

    PSB Gfx & Video Drivers

    Built a workable Beta6 Gfx driver against hardy PPA at https://launchpad.net/~inuka/+archive Planning to release Beta7 Gfx driver once got approved. Power and Performance Testing/Optimization No changes this week. Grub fast boot/resume Root caused the fast resume kernel oops issue when HT enabled. Fast resume became more and more stable. Almost all known issues got fixed.

Status report for week 08

Moblin Applets

  • Moblin Applets Documentation: Created a 37 page document describing the 10 control panel and 3 status bar applets. I (Todd Brandt) will be adding this to the moblin-applets project page on moblin.org now that I have access to the svn repository. Touchscreen Calibration Utility: Split the utility into two pieces, one for the GUI portion, the other for the low level touchscreen driver access and xorg.conf configuration portion. The low level version now resides in a new system daemon called moblin-system-daemon which is started as root via init.d. The gui remains in the moblin-touchscreen executable. The two communicate via DBUS functions so that all the actions requiring root are carried out by the daemon. Thus there is no longer a need to log in as administrator to configure the touchscreen The touchscreen config utility now has the ability to determine the name of the xorg.conf file by scanning the /etc/event.d/session file and reading the option passed to the -config argument. This means that the samsungQ1 config file is no longer hardcoded and the applet should be more extensible to unknown platforms added the capability to add in a completely new touchscreen config section to the target xorg.conf file if it doesn't have one. This should allow any system to be configured from scratch without the need for any default config or prior knowledge of the touchscreen characteristics. removed the filter placed on the points touched on the screen which prevented users from going too far from the illuminated points. This was causing problems on the crown beach. Background Applet: Changed the background applet to no longer use an XML database to save files. It scans the moblin-media thumbnail cache for photos and populates those instead. Photos can no longer be added or removed from the background applet, they are managed from the moblin-media photo viewer exclusively. Sound Mixer Applet: The sound applet is redesigned to dynamically present volume sliders and mute buttons for every playback or capture track the sound hardware supports. It presents a notebook where each tab represents a different "track", e.g. Master, PCM, CD, Aux, Line in, etc. Within each notebook tab there are a series of controller elements instantiated for each channel available in the track. For instance if a track is mono is will have one controller element, if it's stereo it will have two, one for left and one for right. If a track is 5.1 dolby it will have 6 controller elements: front left, front right, front center, rear left, rear right, and woofer. Hardy Package Builds: Created hardy versions of moblin-applets and moblin-keyboard-manager for upload into the ubuntu-mobile repo. Moblin Applets only required a small change to the liboobs functions

    being used by the date & time applet as their prototypes have changed in the hardy platform's version.

    Plus 25 Bugs Fixed this month!!

Moblin Kernel and Driver Status

  • Kernel Support

    Debugging a reboot failure issue https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/190246. The root cause is when rebooting, the USBC driver's unload script K20iusbc would unload iusbc and g_file_storage module from memory, while the unloading of iusbc module cause system hung by random (tasklet kernel Oops). QA team also reported another kernel issue, the SMC USB NIC dongle could not resume correctly after S3 resume. The USB net card could not get IP address anymore. But a plug out/in could save it. Will debug it later. PSB / SLT HW Support Confirmed SLT T state was working. But the current BIOS did not enable it yet. Need to wait for later BIOS drop. SDIO Added Marvell 8686 V9 patch to Moblin 2.6.24 kernel tree. Dabney Thermal patches No changes this week. USB Client Drivers No changes this week.

    PSB Gfx & Video Drivers Upgraded Gfx driver to beta7 for Moblin kernel. Debugging an issue where Moblin browser would crash when opening a Yahoo auto pages :(. It does not happen if X use VESA driver. This bug is highly suspected related with Poulsbo Gfx driver. Need more clues. Power and Performance Testing/Optimization Tested Moblin kernel wakeup times during Media player is working by setting kernel 1000HZ vs 250 HZ scheduling. The result is not as expected. 1000HZ appears to make the situation worse. Will continue to test if SMT enable/disable would change the result. Grub fast boot/resume No changes this week.

A Developer Overview for this month

  • This month saw quite a lot of sponsoring reviews/comments. There was a need for more quantitative information on the topic of translations of mobile packages about the string/UI freeze and the reviewing of mobile packages (not sponsored yet); We worked on Pimlico this month and here is a summary of what we found:
    • - We had discussions with upstream to get some information on the state of the stack, especially the Hildon port:
      • The current focus seems to be on Open Moko ports
      • Tasks and Dates pretty stable and ported to Hildon
      • Sync is a bit behind; doesn't seem reasonable to consider it for the time being
      • Contacts has been completely refactored (we package the new "hito" branch as contacts-snapshot -- but an older version with a pile of Hildon fixes); the new upstream layout is
        • very clean, but only has an up-to-date Open Moko port and would ideally need porting to Gtk+ and then to Hildon; Matthew Garret did most of the contacts-snapshots fixes, but we need to get these upstream and update to a newer tree.
      - Cleaned up packaging and prepared new upstream releases of tasks and dates against the upstream packaging tree - Reworked the upstream build process to build in two flavours: standard (stock Gtk+) and Hildon; this gives us Hildonized packages under all arches such as i386/amd64 (and armel if
      • we add it); this is all merged upstream as well as all the Ubuntu patches (or equivalent fixes) -- except a dates patch which landed in trunk after the 0.4.5 release; packages currently sitting in Debian NEW, I'll merge them when they come out

Wine Team

  • Wine 0.9.55 is in repositories, however it segfaults. Currently trying to narrow down the problem (see https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/wine/+bug/191575)

  • All needed 32 bit libaries are now included in ia32-libs, so amd64 should work the same as i386 without missing any functionality.
  • Wine now runs Photoshop CS2 fairly well.
  • No solution yet for how to include gecko into the package because Wine's gecko must be compiled with MSVC. Further discussion is needed on ubuntu-devel-discuss.
  • Inclusion of wine-mono, which is more difficult, hasn't started yet either.
  • Found a worker (Griswold) for the upstream changes we need to do some UI stuff in BetterIntegratedWineSpec

Technical Board

Full Circle Magazine

  • Last round of proof-reading for issue #10 is almost complete and #10 is on schedule for release on Friday 29th February.
  • A short piece asking for more proof-readers will be in #10
  • Podcast #1 is late but Matthew is editing it and it should be out soon.
  • Chinese #8 and Italian #8 are both up for download.
  • A lot of translation teams now seem to be inactive, it might be time to put out the feelers to get new teams to replace the inactive ones.

Ubuntu LoCo Teams

Georgia US Team

  • Distributed 30 more CDs via a CD stand at a local bookstore.
  • Held February face to face meeting.
  • Finalized schedule and added Google Calendar to ubuntu-georgia.org.
  • Refined the New User page to better lead new users to get live help.


  • Ubuntu-Ubuntu-ve talk, auditorium of the Universidad Nacional Experimental Polytechnic of the Bolivarian Armed Forces (UNEFA), Zulia. EfrainValles and Edgar Figueroa supported giving a talk to students of software engineering of the 7th semester . A group of 40 students participated. A number of professionals working in public administration approached to listen and share their experiences with students of the university. ubuntu-ve extends gratitude to Msc. Castellanos who organize the activity.

  • Report on Free Software Business Models, representing Ubuntu-ve, RolandoBlanco participated as a speaker at the Latin American Forum STC, held in the city of Caracas, at the hotel EuroBuilding. 150 Ubuntu CD's were distributed during the event. read report in Rolando's blog

  • IRC Meeting: Ubuntu-ve had their IRC meeting to discuss upcoming events to participate in the creation of sub-teams the number of attendees was 30 people. In general, the meeting brought in a lot of positive participation and most importantly willing to support. Next meeting was scheduled for February 17. the Minute of the meeting is available in spanish here .

  • Marketing: The Ubuntu-ve team has collected all the work previously done to promote the team. MaterialPOP has been created to keep all the marketing material available. Currently, members of Ubuntu-ve are working on creating DVD covers, posters et all.

  • Ubuntu gathering: The Ubuntu-ve members in Caracas have met at a gathering to share an afternoon and discuss all things Ubuntu. The meeting took place at the offices of MSC.
  • IRC Meeting: Ubuntu-ve held a meeting to discuss various aspects related to participation in events, towards consolidating the idea integrating efforts around the regions. Discussion on the license Material media. And the definition of regional teams. The meeting lasted one hour and has scheduled a more in-depth discussion on Sunday 24 February. 2 points of the talk were moved to a small meeting on sunday february 24th. the Minute of the meeting is available in spanish here


  • Preparations for the 8.04 release party http://www.releaseparty.be .

  • 4000 ubuntu posters "The way to the freedom is open for everyone", translated to Dutch. Free posters for education, use at fair booths, 8.04 LTS publicity, and a small profit.
  • Low profile ubuntu-be.org booth at http://fosdem.org .

Catalan Team

Ecuador Team - Ubuntu-ec

  • We are organizing our community to be active and visible within the FLISOL 2008 and bring the Ubuntu spirit to the event. We have got a booth approved (Thanks Canonical!) and are making plans to get Hardy Heron to the masses just 2 days after release! We'll have 7.04 & 7.10 as well. So I gues this will be our Hardy Heron release party/gathering as well!

  • Our ubuntu-ec t-shirts are available now! Thanks Alfermp for this one!

  • Planeta Ecuador now is running under planetplanet (Drupal is ok but planet is planet!!) - Thanks Alex, palichis, alfermp & ConLinux.net

  • The development of the group is shaping up nicely with an increase number of users (and visits - thanks to Google Analytics for the report Wink ;) in our site and IRC channel. Next step is to make it easier for the community to act locally in different cities in order to descentralize the taking over of Ubuntu in Ecuador Wink ;) and have an easier to find coordination base for local events with other organizations and groups!

  • Inspired by the Venezuelan LoCo Team we started our own POP Material page adding a new version of the Ubuntu and LoCo presentation originally made by the Colorado US LoCoTeam (including Intrepid Ibex info) in spanish.

Finnish Team - ubuntu-fi

  • Meeting of Northern Finland Linux/Ubuntu users held in February, as well as meetings for people in the Pori area and an informational happening in Helsinki for elderly people as part of an IT day
  • Localization of Ubuntu 8.04 LTS is going relatively well, both upstream and Ubuntu-specific - documentation translators would be needed, though
  • 8.04 LTS release party being planned
  • Discussion forums have 6908 members, various teams are active (some not so)
  • Web site(s) as a whole are faring well, thanks to Canonical hosting

  • 1000 posters printed of the GPL'd Ubuntu poster, localized into Finnish. 300 were sponsored by two companies, rest are for sale by the member of community who handled buying those.

  • New businesses are stirring around Ubuntu
  • Met some Ubuntu-be guys at FOSDEM Smile :)

Florida Team

Iranian Team

  • Regular IRC meetings. http://wiki.ubuntu.ir/Meetings

  • Planning for a meeting before the new Iranian Year.
  • AliTarihi approved as a new ubuntu-ir forum staff.

  • Translation of Ubuntu 7.10 Desktop Training to Farsi started by a group of community members.

Japanese Team

  • Prepare for "Open Source Conference 2008 Tokyo/Spring"(ja) on Feb 29th - Mar 1st.

    • Booth: demonstration, distribute CDs, collaborate with TOMOYO Linux.

    • Seminar: "Useful example on Ubuntu Desktop / Starting mobile Linux with EeePC" by hito.
  • Change SSL certificate of wiki.ubuntulinux.jp to valid one.
  • Bug triage for Japanese Kaizen Project.
  • Completed to set up new mirror server which is candidate for new default server in Japan.

Jordan Team

  • Forming the team and getting around five active members
  • Preparing for Ubuntu Desktop Course at Jordan University & University of Sciecne and Technology

  • In contact with Jordan Post Office to prepare for Ubuntu installation festival.

Colombian Team - Ubuntu-Co

  • Conference held on January 31 in the city of Manizales, about the advantages of Ubuntu with the intention of creating a Ubuntu community there.
  • Opened a survey on Launchpad to decide which version of Ubuntu will be installed and supported by Ubuntu-Co in the Flisol (Latinamerican Festival of Free Software Installation).
  • Creation of a mirror of Ubuntu packages, very useful for upcoming Installfests.

  • New admins approved for Ubuntu-Co team on Launchpad.

  • Ubuntu-Co held a meeting to define the participation in Bogota at the FLISOL.

  • Ubuntu-Co is now an Official Team, as decided in the IRC CommunityCouncil meeting held on February 21 at the 20:00(UTC)!

  • Official request and proposal to get a community stand for Ubuntu-co during FLISOL in Bogotá.

Serbian Team

  • Serbian LoCo is planning to make one presentation 23rd of February at the city of Leskovac in South-East Serbia. The presentation will have very similar program to the presentation from last mounth in Belgrade when we talked about Free Software, GNU/Linux, Ubuntu and usually tasks in Ubuntu. Also we will distribute about 50 CDs, 20 DVDs, and 50 stickers with Ubuntu. Photos

  • Mailing list for Serbian LoCo has been opened on 22nd February at https://lists.ubuntu.com/mailman/listinfo/ubuntu-rs

South African Team

  • The South African LoCo has been focussing on rehosting the team site and wiki due to increased problems with wiki spam and the inability of the sysadmins to deal with their backlog.

    • A physical meeting was held in Cape Town following some ad hoc IRC meetings and mailing list discussion. This meeting resolved to carry out the move and utilise Mediawiki.
    • Detailed planning of the hosting move is in progress.
  • Discussions have begun around planning for Software Freedom Day 2008.

  • The potential of involving the ubuntu-za team in Document Freedom Day has also been mentioned.

Swedish Team

Tamil Team

  • Participated in FossConf 2008

  • Working on New Tamil Keyboard Layout for xkb.
  • Debian Installer GUI part translated upstream.
  • Gearing up KDE translation for 4.1 release upstream.
  • On 23, 24 - Conducted a two day (one day each) - GNU/ Linux introduction for newbies at NRCFOSS, Chennai. The docs can be downloaded from http://ubuntu-tam.org/avanam/nigazhchi/2008/feb/

Irish Team

Ubuntu Nicaragua

  • February 9: Attended the first FLISOL Nicaragua 2008 meeting.

  • February 10: Held a social activity with some of our members for the first anniversary of the Ubuntu-ni LoCo Team Smile :)

  • February 18: Interview in Channel 11 Nicaragua (De sol a sol, early talk show) for the upcoming Linux Tour.
  • February 19: Interview in Channel 63 Nicaragua (cable news station) for the upcoming Linux Tour.
  • February 20:
    • Full page interview in El Nuevo Diario (one of the major local newspapers), talking about the OLPC and the upcoming Linux Tour event.
    • Issued a joint statement with other local LUGs about accessibility and open standards in public websites (local government).
  • February 21: Interview in Channel 2 Nicaragua (Primera Hora, early talk show) for the upcoming Linux Tour.
  • February 22:
    • 12:00 m - Lunch/Meeting with local LUG leaders in order to establish the joint press and communications strategy for 2008.
    • 3:00 pm - Linux Tour 2008 event in the Universidad de Ciencias Comerciales (UCC). Talk about the future events and projects of our LoCo Team. Gave diplomas to community members, journalists, local business and other individuals who contributed to the success of our community in 2007.

    • 6:00 pm - Attended the second FLISOL Nicaragua 2008 meeting of this month.

    • 9:00 pm - Broadcasting of an interview taped earlier today during the Linux Tour in local news channel (CDNN 23).

US LoCo Teams Project

Members of both the FloridaTeam and GeorgiaUSTeam met up the night before in a show of LoCo bonding. Many, many CDs were given out particulairly Edubuntu CDs. The FloridaTeam was very busy at the show advocating the use of Ubuntu, Edubuntu, Kubuntu, Server and Xubuntu and capped the night off with a dinner with the Jon "Maddog" Hall.

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