Kolabsys is a new company set up to develop and support Kolab. They would like to aid in getting Kolab fully supported in Ubuntu.

Release Note

Kolab groupware server is available in Ubuntu Server 10.10.


Groupware is a common requirement in business computer uses. Kolab is currently the best way to achieve this using only Free software and open standards.

User stories

Effie is setting up a groupware server for her office. She installs Ubuntu Server 10.10 and uses apt-get to install Kolab from the archives.


kdepim is certified as a client in Kubuntu 10.10, see KubuntuMaverickKolab


Kolabsys will package the various Kolab pieces and ensure they work for 10.10


New packages will be made for the configuration needed for Apache, Cyrus and PHP to support Kolab. These will be uploaded to Debian and synced into Maverick.

Kolabsys will verify the package builds against their test suite whenever they change in the Ubuntu archives (up to a maximum of three a day). The test results will be sent to a dedicated mailing list which will be monitored by members of the Ubuntu server team.

Cyrus will need to be patched to add Kolab support. As a universe package there should be no problem in patching it.

Kolabsys engineers will use the Ubuntu Server team's communication channels (IRC and mailing list) to ensure they are keeping the server team up to date with progress.


Kolab should be an install option from the Ubuntu Server CD before the next LTS release. This will need Kolab to work with Dovecot as its IMAP server instead of Cyrus. Dovecot is the supported IMAP server for Ubuntu and a second IMAP server will not be supported in main.


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