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  • Add your comments here! -- -- claydoh 2012-04-21 21:11:54

This is absolutely the best Kubuntu release I've ever used, even through all there pre-releases it have been extremely stable and without major glitches in all the utilities I've used on it, and even very friendly to corporate needs. Used it on different hardware platforms too and find it great om both newer and older hardware, even though the very nasty "bug" introduced by Canonical by demanding the PAE support, and thereby denying a standard CD/USB install on older i368 hardware.

Please have a look at bug #930447 (, if you experience the CPU is unsupported while booting the Kubuntu Live CD, as this is not mentioned in the Kubuntu release notes and certainly not very clear in the Ubunutu version either.

But anyway thank you very much to Debian for the rock solid and easy managed (packing) Linux base, to KDE for this beautiful and functional desktop environment and least but not last whole the Kubuntu community for putting it all together in this stunning manner - the very best Kubuntu ever seen. Keep up the steam guys, even though Canonical has decided to leave the boat, and welcome to Blue Systems. -- happylinux 2012-04-28 22:29:46

It would be helpful for those of us trying to keep older PC's alive to make it CLEAR this will not work on CPU's that do not support PAE - wasted a bit of time and bandwidth finding that ugly little gotcha on my 2.1 Ghz Pentium M (Dell D800 notebook). I was hoping for a nice KDE update... -- woofr0c 2012-04-30 02:38:04

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