I, Philip Muskovac, apply for kubuntu-dev.


Philip Muskovac

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Who I am

I'm a 24 years old student from Stuttgart, Southwest Germany.

My Ubuntu story

My involvement

I've been using Linux since around 2005 starting with Suse and later Debian. In 2007 I then switched to Ubuntu Gutsy.
I started testing the development releases of Ubuntu around mid-2008 and became part of the bugsquad early 2009 doing a lot of triage work and helping with the devel-release testing. I later started doing various packaging tasks and small bug fixes and after switching to Kubuntu end of 2009 and hanging around in #kubuntu-devel I started packaging for Kubuntu and have been working on the Kubuntu release packages as a Kubuntu Ninja since mid 2010. After doing a lot of work for the 4.6 packages and for Project Neon I became a Kubuntu Member in January 2011.

Examples of my work / Things I'm proud of

Areas of work

  • Packaging new KDE SC releases:
    • Getting the newest KDE software releases into Kubuntu ASAP together with the rest of the Ninjas and the other kubuntu-devs.
  • Testing alpha releases:
    • I'm usually using the devel release as my main environment to notice regressions as quickly as possible.
  • Co-maintaining Project Neon:
    • Making sure current KDE svn trunk / git master builds on kubuntu and notifying upstream developers if something got broken on their side.
  • Managing the KDE SC packaging of the ninjas:
    • Informing people what work is to be done, coordinating it and keeping track of what the debian-qt-kde team does so we keep duplicating work to a minimum.
  • Full list of my package uploads:

    • What of the work I've done so far ended up in the archive.

Things I could do better

Remember to add proper breaks/replaces when I move files between packages. Do better at reviewing/dropping patches.

Plans for the future


  • Work close with the debian-qt-kde team.
  • Keep providing excellent KDE packaging for Kubuntu.
  • Do more universe work and become a MOTU


  • Become better at management (being kubuntu-dev would be helpful Wink ;) )

  • Write more scripts for kubuntu-dev-tools to make the ninjas life easier. The LP UI is horrible at scaling for PPAs with many packages.
  • Bring the Ninjas wiki pages back into shape, esp. the information for new minions is rather outdated looking at our current processes. (The build environment page still mentions the batscript for example)

  • Think of something to make our dep-graph usable again, it's an unreadable mess currently.
  • Find more minions. With even more package splits on the horizon we'll have plenty of work for not enough ninjas.
  • Invent something that auto-generates debug packages for packages with no -dbg packages in the PPA since we have no -dbgsym packages there.

What I like least in Kubuntu

  • missing Ubuntu ONE client (couldn't resist :P)


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