This page describes how the Packaging Training Coordinators coordinate the planning of the next sessions.


Tips for planning new sessions

  • Encourage developers to just prepare 15-20 minutes of content. It's not too much, especially with lots of questions that get asked.
  • If somebody explained in a normal conversation something really well, ask them to give a session about it.

Session Ideas

  • Packaging/Training/Suggestions

  • Development Q&A sessions (easy to do, make sure you invite folks from IRC to help out.)

  • Code Review session.
  • Adhoc Sessions (come with your problem and a developer will help you sort it out)
  • Get questions from the Packaging forums

  • Investigate "Beginner's Programming Challenge" ##These have primarily been focused on actual programming, not packaging (as creativity and trying out new languages is a big part of it. I'm not sure how much we could do with this.

Additional ideas

  • Should presenters give "homework"?
  • Ask presenters to let you know if their session needs some kind of preparation.



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