Open Week -- Introduction to Kubuntu -- Valorie Zimmermann -- Thu, May 5

   1 [17:01] <valorie> Hello, I'm Valorie Zimmerman, a Kubuntu Member. I'd like to tell you about Kubuntu, my favorite Linux distribution ever.
   2 [17:02] <valorie> I have some prepared stuff, but I hope you'll ask lots of questions too
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   5 [17:02] <valorie> heh
   6 [17:02] <valorie> Hello, I'm Valorie Zimmerman, a Kubuntu Member. I'd like to tell you about Kubuntu, my favorite Linux distribution ever.
   7 [17:02] <valorie> Kubuntu is friendly computing. Kubuntu is part of the Ubuntu community, and since it uses the KDE Plasma Desktop, it is also part of the KDE community. As a Debian-based distribution, many of our developers are part of the Debian community as well. Also, we cooperate with Gnome through the FreeDesktop initiative, and hold a large joint developer summit with them every other year. Friendly!
   8 [17:03] <valorie> As an official part of Ubuntu, we share the same system and distribution schedule, as well as Launchpad, the wiki, mail lists, IRC name-space, and Ubuntu-Forum. Many Kubuntu users also post on the KDE Forums, and there is the independent as well. Also, if you become a Kubuntu Member, you are also a Ubuntu Member. :-)
   9 [17:03] <valorie> - - IRC channel #kubuntu , and #kubuntu-offtopic
  10 [17:03] <valorie> Wiki:
  11 [17:04] <valorie> If you like lists, the Kubuntu user list is great:
  12 [17:04] <valorie> hmmm, no questions yet
  13 [17:04] <valorie> I have a few questions which are common
  14 [17:05] <valorie> Is Kubuntu a fork of Ubuntu? No, it is an official part of Ubuntu. All our packages are in the same archives. In fact, you can use Kubuntu packages in Ubuntu without installing Kubuntu itself. Kubuntu users can use their favorite Ubuntu apps as well.
  15 [17:05] <valorie> I already have Ubuntu installed, how can I get Kubuntu? Install kubuntu-desktop with Software Center, Synaptic,  or the command line apt-get install:
  16 [17:05] <valorie> sudo apt-get install kubuntu-desktop
  17 [17:05] <valorie> See InstallingKDE for a full explanation:
  18 [17:05] <valorie> I've been asked to be slower
  19 [17:05] <valorie> this is the first time I've done this
  20 [17:06] <valorie> so I'm a little nervous
  21 [17:07] <valorie> Would you like to take a short tour around Kubuntu?
  22 [17:08] <valorie> Wikipedia has an excellent article about Kubuntu:
  23 [17:09] <valorie> I hope I don't overwhelm with links, but there is great stuff out there!
  24 [17:09] <valorie> we have a friendly, hard-working community
  25 [17:09] <valorie> and are community driven
  26 [17:10] <valorie> Main website: . Here users will find news about new apps, themes, and wallpapers available, and find links to help (user) documentation, team coordination and developer documentation.
  27 [17:11] <valorie> Questions would be great!
  28 [17:12] <valorie> we have one exciting project this cycle, Project Neon
  29 [17:12] <valorie> Contributions "upstream" to Debian and KDE - a team of our Kubuntu packagers have developed Project Neon, which provides daily builds of KDE trunk. ,
  30 [17:12] <valorie> the young guys are really enthusiastic and knowledgeable
  31 [17:13] <valorie> fun to work with
  32 [17:14] <valorie> Join our community! We need expert users who are willing to help out the newcomers in IRC, the list and the forums, we need folks to translate, to write and update documentation, to make our website beautiful and useful, package, triage and kill bugs.
  33 [17:14] <valorie> Challenges ahead: we are losing our founder Jonathan Riddell for a cycle, at least as a full-time staff member. We have an ambitious initiative called Project Timelord, which has been designed to improve developer workflow, and bring and keep Kubuntu at the top of the available distros.
  34 [17:14] <valorie> so we will especially welcome more hands on deck
  35 [17:15] <valorie> from
  36 [17:15] <valorie> <shadeslayer> New contributors to Neon are always welcome ... we need loads of testers and people who are willing to maintain  new packages and what not for the long term :)
  37 [17:15] <valorie> [09:14] <shadeslayer> we idle in #project-neon  ;)
  38 [17:15] <valorie> for sure
  39 [17:16] <valorie> but they are working hard, not much idling!
  40 [17:17] <valorie> please ask your questions in #ubuntu-classroom-chat, and start with QUESTION:
  41 [17:17] <valorie> so I can see it properly
  42 [17:17] <valorie> we have a bot to help
  43 [17:18] <valorie> and I welcome questions
  44 [17:18] <valorie> :-)
  45 [17:19] <ClassBot> josker asked: ubuntu comes with the unity, kubuntu will implement something in that way with kde ?
  46 [17:20] <valorie> we are working with KDE upstream and with Gnome in opendesktop, to come up with sound menus and such
  47 [17:20] <valorie> I'm not a developer, so I only know a bit about that, from listening in the devel channel
  48 [17:21] <valorie> we already have our netbook version, which anyone with kubuntu installed can try out
  49 [17:21] <valorie> it's a setting in systemsettings
  50 [17:22] <valorie> when you install onto a netbook, that is the interface which will be automatically displayed, but if you would rather the classic interface
  51 [17:22] <valorie> you just change it in systemsettings
  52 [17:22] <valorie> super simple
  53 [17:22] <ClassBot> himcesjf asked: Hi valorie. Great information #ubuntu-classroom! Could you introduce me about graphics which Kubuntu uses? Like the compositing types openGL and XRender, etc ...
  54 [17:23] <valorie> this is a bit technical for me, however, openGL and XRender are two of the choices available, simply again in systemsettings
  55 [17:23] <valorie> people sometimes think that KDE is graphics-heavy
  56 [17:24] <valorie> however, the various desktop effects are easily turned on and off, as well as the rendering mode
  57 [17:25] <valorie> what works for you best, depends on your installed drivers, speed of your equipment, and your preferences, really
  58 [17:25] <valorie> is that specific enough, himcesjf?
  59 [17:26] <ClassBot> doctormo asked: You mention 'opendesktop' is this a different group from
  60 [17:26] <valorie> oops, I might have misspoken
  61 [17:26] <valorie> is where we collaborate
  62 [17:27] <valorie> and ever other year, I think it is, we actually meet together
  63 [17:27] <valorie> this summer, KDE and Gnome are meeting in Berlin
  64 [17:27] <ClassBot> doctormo asked: Has there been any update on Akonadi and what do you feel about further chaos with the new elementary postler backend? Is the KDE community concerned at all about fragmentation of data standards?
  65 [17:28] <valorie> akonadi seems to run well to me, but I'll have to say I don't know much about it specifically
  66 [17:28] <valorie> not sure what the "elementary postler backend" might be -- have not heard that phrase, sorry
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  68 [17:29] <valorie> I think everyone is worried about the fragmentation of standards
  69 [17:29] <valorie> I'm not sure what the solution to that is, beyond continuing to work with everybody
  70 [17:29] <valorie> that said, KDE is upstream of Kubuntu
  71 [17:30] <valorie> and while we work with them, Kubuntu is an Ubuntu distro
  72 [17:31] <valorie> I mentioned Project Timelord earlier
  73 [17:31] <valorie> Project Timelord:
  74 [17:31] <valorie> for those who are interested
  75 [17:33] <valorie> I have one question in queue I don't know the answer to
  76 [17:33] <valorie> don't mean to ignore anyone, but I'm not a developer
  77 [17:33] <valorie> I do want to encourage non-developers to become part of the community, whether it is Kubuntu, Ubuntu, or one of the other flavors
  78 [17:34] <valorie> or even part of an application team
  79 [17:34] <valorie> Community is more important than code
  80 [17:34] <valorie> we need community people, we need documentation
  81 [17:35] <valorie> we need enthusiastic people writing, and making screencasts, and art, and all other kinds of things
  82 [17:35] <valorie> of course we need coders and packagers
  83 [17:35] <valorie> they make it happen
  84 [17:35] <valorie> but people like me can contribute too, and that's why I was granted membership
  85 [17:36] <valorie> Want to see a video? David Wonderly (DarkwingDuck) did this talk at SCaLe: also available here:
  86 [17:36] <ClassBot> himcesjf asked: How often is KDE version updated in Kubuntu wrt to KDE releases?
  87 [17:36] <valorie> each time KDE makes a point release, our packagers make it a point of pride to be the first to release it
  88 [17:37] <valorie> not absolutely sure we make it *every* time
  89 [17:37] <valorie> since I haven't been around forever
  90 [17:37] <valorie> :-)
  91 [17:37] <valorie> but we often are first to have it up in a beta PPA, or in backports where that is possible
  92 [17:38] <valorie> since I like testing, I'm nearly always running the latest KDE version
  93 [17:38] <ClassBot> himcesjf asked: Would you introduce me on application framework/toolkits Qt/GTK+ with reference to Kubuntu/KDE?
  94 [17:38] <valorie> heh
  95 [17:39] <valorie> this is a bit over my head, but we use Qt
  96 [17:39] <valorie> ubuntu itself is starting to use Qt as well
  97 [17:39] <valorie> and KDE applications are all in C++ using Qt
  98 [17:40] <valorie> we do often work with GTK applications as well, since any app which Ubuntu offers is available in Kubuntu as well
  99 [17:40] <valorie> if you are using our Oxygen theme, which is standard
 100 [17:41] <valorie> you can get a GTK-Oxygen plugin (I think it's a plugin) to help your GTK apps look more "kubuntu"
 101 [17:42] <valorie> we have a great channel #kubuntu where there are extremely knowledgeable people to answer technical questions
 102 [17:43] <valorie> and for packaging problems and such, #kubuntu-devel channel is also very helpful
 103 [17:43] <ClassBot> eagles0513875 asked: what is being done in regards to nvidia issues with drivers locking up a system rather badly. i posted a bug and got alot of confirmations, latest one and suggestion is downgrading xorg as well as nvidia drivers whats canonical doing to ensure newer drivers fix this issue
 104 [17:44] <valorie> hmmm, eagles didn't stick around
 105 [17:44] <valorie> and I don't know the answer to this one anyway
 106 [17:45] <valorie> I monitor the #kubuntu channel when I have time
 107 [17:45] <valorie> and I don't see many driver problems
 108 [17:46] <valorie> I don't have time to monitor #ubuntu , so I'm not sure if there is a wide-spread issue or not
 109 [17:46] <valorie> bugs are certainly worth filing
 110 [17:46] <valorie> the developers work hard to smush all of them flat
 111 [17:46] <valorie> :-)
 112 [17:47] <ClassBot> josker asked: what are you opnion about having both apps with QT and GTK in kubuntu, sometime i get bad looking with GTK app with kde.
 113 [17:47] <valorie> I
 114 [17:47] <valorie> 'm not sure what the package is called
 115 [17:47] <valorie> but search for GTK and Oxygen
 116 [17:48] <valorie> and install that package
 117 [17:48] <valorie> should make your GTK applications much more attractive, josker
 118 [17:49] <valorie> for more of a technical perspective,
 119 [17:49] <valorie> The expert speaks - Jonathan Riddell, Kubuntu is Awesome from 10.10 OpenWeek:
 120 [17:50] <valorie> that's in the past, but good stuff there!
 121 [17:50] <valorie> we have a few more minutes, so I'm open for more questions
 122 [17:52] <ClassBot> There are 10 minutes remaining in the current session.
 123 [17:52] <valorie> shadeslayer says, very kewl blogpost
 124 [17:52] <valorie> about the oxygen-gtk issue
 125 [17:53] <valorie> and
 126 [17:53] <valorie> I blog at
 127 [17:53] <valorie> you are welcome to raise questions there, or chime in with your own suggestions
 128 [17:53] <valorie> I try to work through the problems I encounter
 129 [17:54] <valorie> mostly so I have the blog to consult next time I founder!
 130 [17:54] <valorie> but I get great ideas from my commenters
 131 [17:55] <valorie> to wrap up then, since there are no questions
 132 [17:55] <valorie> I would like all of you who are interesting to apt-get install kubuntu-desktop
 133 [17:55] <valorie> and give it a try
 134 [17:56] <valorie> if you like it, but encounter difficulties, please ask for help in #kubuntu
 135 [17:56] <valorie> very friendly, helpful channel
 136 [17:56] <valorie> and ubottu hangs out there too, with helpful hints on tap
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 138 [17:57] <valorie> and if you are interested in joining the team, please stop in at #kubuntu-devel and tell us how you would like to contribute
 139 [17:57] <valorie> we're friendly, and will welcome your help
 140 [17:57] <ClassBot> There are 5 minutes remaining in the current session.
 141 [17:58] <valorie> this was a great experience
 142 [17:58] <valorie> thanks everyone!
 143 [18:00] <valorie> now for our next great speaker!

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