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  • IMHO, this is the best release of Kubuntu since it uses KDE 4. I approve the use of rekonq and i really like the new GUI ok KPackagekit. Now, it's user friendly. i like the integration of pulseaudio.But, i think that a very very small brand by default is a good idea (only kickoff icon and plymouth color similar to kde color)I have a problem with plymouth and my nvidea video card (no logo and wrong resolution) i don't like dragon player by default -- simag

  • Just had the opportunity to open my calendar, today is Thanksgiving in Canada. Quite surpised to see that although I speak english all my holidays display in french. Not sure if this is a packaging problem, previous Kubuntu's displayed correctly. I LOVE the new network manager.-- jimt

  • Even with ppa/backport to add kde 4.5.2, kde keeps rearranging my icons... see or It is very anoying.. -- alxju

  • My first impressions of Maverick as far as the KUbuntu part is concerned:
    • Please provide a way to migrate nepomuk data. It seems nepumuk would even migrate data from sesame2 to virtuoso, just there is no sesame2 anymore in ubuntu...
    • KDM crashes on logout
    • Please get rid of that PulseAudio cr*p... I can't adjust anything but main volume -- redm 2010-10-12 20:28:35

  • I'm trying from the live CD (64bit desktop version).
    • System settings -> desktop search (nepomuk) tells me that the server is not started. I tick both nepomuk + strigi, log out and log in again --> same warning ! (server not started)

    • Launching kontact --> error pop up! (akonadi auto-test) -- claydoh 2010-10-05 19:34:59

  • Was using 10.04 but never got virtual consoles working with my nVidia GeForce GT 335M and Asus N53J notebook. Version 10.10 has solved this so I'm quite happy. The problem with using the nVidia proprietary driver is still present, but with the default Nouveau driver everything works fine. Like the latest KDE! -- a-h-m-donkers 2010-10-16 08:44:21

  • Kanwar Plaha: I like the new Kpackagekit interface. A lot has improved in this release. The only thing I am confused about is the Global menu by default in Plasma Netbook. I don't see it after installation. Also, the top panel is hidden by default and there seems no way of changing this behaviour!
  • I really like the default theme, haven't even tried to change it. the plasma desktop feels nice and responsive, even with the nouveau driver (it was a tad slow, but still ok) only thing i would improve is the applications, there are quite a few Gnome applications that would be wonderful to use in KDE but there are way too many dependencies that have to be installed in order to use them. -- gabriel-dume

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