• Add your feedback like this w/o the bold, and then use the @SIG@ at the end of your line, look at the first post for reference

  • All serious issues should be still submitted as bugs!


  • Add feedback here! -- claydoh 2009-12-08 19:35:41

  • Kubuntu looks great and stable in Lucid Alpha3 and of course, there are some small problems - it is a development release. But when the installer doesn't work at all, the release is kind of pointless... -- anonymous 2010-02-28 12:29:00

  • Thanks for a great KDE-distribution. I have to admit that I havn't had time to install LucidLynx yet. Even though I have one question: From it seems as if the default desktop settings have not enabled the "folder view applet". It is nice to be able to put icons of any folder on your desktop, but a new installation should show icons of ~/Desktop. Any user form other distributions or OS gets more than confused not being able to place icons on the desktop.

  • Kubuntu is looking great so far!, I'm currently a Ubuntu/gnome user but I'm seriously thinking about switching to Kubuntu when lucid is released. However I have some suggestions: it would be great to have the software-center installed by default, despite being a gtk app, it looks and works great in KDE. Also, about the openoffice KDE integration, it looks weird right now, I loved the old kde3 integration, could it be installed as a separate package?, how can I help improving it?
  • I can say the Alpha3 is one of the most stable releases i tried so far since kubuntu 8.04. I had virtually no problems installing, all my packages got updated accordingly. Dolphin and KDE SC 4.4 integrate nicely . Only thing which is (still) messed up is akonadi/nepomuk with mysql.. just do not find a way to properly set it up. System is absolutely stable, no crashes so far, graphics with nvidia proprietary driver greatly improved, compiz seems to work bugfree, system load of kdm is greatly reduced giving enormous power to other apps , in addition flash 10 plugin for the new firefox is far better integrated. All in all a great experience and this is only alpha3 , looking forward to the beta/rc phase, since i anticipate it will still get better this will be the very best kubuntu release ever. Keep on the good work, this will be the first release i will recommend to a windows user without needing to offer day-2-day support since its basically carefree. Really good job. -- ugubabba

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