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Ensure KDE has the same LTSP support as Gnome has.

Release Note

LTSP now better supports KDE.

It is mandatory.


People want to use LTSP functionality with KDE, we should fix the various issues that currently make it hard to do that.

Use Cases

Bob wants to run his classroom of Kubuntu boxes with LTSP.



LDM, the login manager used by LTSP needs a graphics theme made for edubuntu-kde and a greeter frontend made for Qt 4. LDM greeters are made as loadable modules and use no non-standard widgets, just a button, text field and a full screen background. Currently it is implemented in python but ldm-improvements will port it to C to remove dependencies so we should make a Qt version in C++.

LTSP-FS needs to be changed to create virtual devices in HAL rather than /media. This will be done with hal-set-property. This is specified in ltspfs-virtual-hal-devices. Pulseaudio is responsible for sending audio over the network. It creates a default Alsa device and works fine under KDE but is not detected by KMix. It is also not detected by amixer and is likely a bug in Alsa which we should work with upstream to solve.

Thin client manager is an application run on the teacher's server to control the LTSP clients. It is a GTK app and needs to be ported to Qt 4. It was designed with a separation between backend and frontend so is ready for porting to Qt 4. The file needs converted to an equivalent layout in Qt Designer. needs a Qt equivalent file which interfaces with the UI and the backend using the same methods as the current GTK frontend.

ltsp-manager is an application to change settings for the LTSP setup. It has not been designed with a separation between backend and frontend so there is probably some code which can be refactored to make it easier for new frontends. It writes out configuration to an ltsp.conf file. needs ported to a Qt Designer equivalent and a Qt version of created to interact with that and the ltsp configuration file.

kio_media needs an option to not show the Safely Remove option for drives mounted over LTSP-FS. This is done as a small patch to nautilus in Gnome and we will make an equivalent patch for kio_media.


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