Kubuntu Support Team

The Kubuntu Support Team aims to coordinate the various areas of Kubuntu support, such as IRC, Forums, Wikis, Documentation, and Mailing Lists. While these already have very helpful information and active people, we feel that making the content more organized, working with existing teams, and consolidating people's efforts, would help provide Kubuntu users better and easier access to the relevant information that they need.


The #kubuntu channel on Freenode is already reputed to be a highly active and friendly channel. People using other distributions often come here to resolve their issues, as they find the channel to be very responsive and have their questions answered quickly.

However we feel there is still room for improvement. ubotu is a very important tool in helping people out; there are some entries, where it can be a bit more kubuntu-specific, or point to more relevant links.

For eg. one of the most commonly asked questions is about enabling the various repositories. The current ubotu entry points to

While these links are highly informative, the average Kubuntu user needs only the information which is found in https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Repositories/Kubuntu

There is a similar problem with the page on Restricted Formats.


The Wikis are an essential part of Kubuntu support. They not only contain 'Official' documentation, like the desktop guide, but also user contributed entries. However many wiki pages are either outdated or contain Ubuntu specific entries. A sub-team could be formed to subscribe to particular entries, go through them periodically and edit/modify/maintain them as necessary.


The Kubuntu Documentation team has done a brilliant job, especially with the desktop guide; and most of the wiki entries contain their work, so working with the documentation team to further our efforts is only logical. For more information see KubuntuDocs and for the documents we are working on for Edgy


KubuntuForums.Net (http://www.kubuntuforums.net/) is a forum dedicated to providing free support to Kubuntu users, recognize by Kubuntu.org as a primary forum for Kubuntu. It is a place where Kubuntu users could go for help, talk about Kubuntu/KDE topics, or just hang out. However, KFN is mainly administered by one person, assisted by a few moderators, which sometimes poses problems.

The Kubuntu Support Team plans to present the Forums as a place where to Kubuntu community could get together and grow closer. It could also serve as a venue for users to get to know and be involved with Kubuntu. One way to do this is to give KFN a more "official" feel. Communication/coordination with the forum administrator and moderators, specially regarding important announcement, would also be ideal.

Focusing on KFN is not an attempt to splinter the general Ubuntu community, nor to separate or transfer Kubuntu-specific related information from Ubuntuforums.org. This would, in fact, enhance the Ubuntu community by giving Kubuntu users a place to form and grow as a community.

Though most of all this is already being done, as has been said, it'd be nice to integrate these different aspects a bit more. This is an opportunity for people who dont know how to code/package to contribute to Kubuntu.


Current members of the Kubuntu Support Team are:

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