Put here things we could propose for Summer of Code ideas.

  • Windows settings import for Ubiquity (likely taken by Tm_T)
  • Automatic Configuration Tool Generator - takes a .ui file and a verbose description of some configuration file and the possible values and outputs a PyQt4 GUI frontend for setting up that configuration file

  • systemsettings applet for configuring ufw firewall.
  • Editor for sudoers
  • Port adept to KDE4 and improve it
  • kde4 app to download & install themes, wallpapers, sounds, plasmoids, etc

    • This is already implemented upstream in svn -- nixternal 2008-03-03 19:08:26

  • a system settings applet to allow choosing specific panel layout types - ie. KDE/Windows (1 panel at bottom), Gnome/MacOS (2 panels), and others.
  • Add much more effects to the kwin composite engine so it becomes more attractive (compiz cube for example?)
  • if possible, support for compiz plugins, so that extending the kwin engine becomes much easier and faster
    • This has already been considered and duly rejected by upstream KDE because to do this would be basically re-implementing compiz. -- nosrednaekim 3/4/08
  • Better composite effects configuration system, as right now, with few effects, it already becomes hopelessly messy
  • a button/applet to globally disable and enable all notifications (eg. for presentations, or watching a movie)
  • working kde4 display configuration tool for new xorg/xrandr. Preferably sharing code with whatever the gnome guys are using now. Maybe keeping the front-end/interface from the current displayconfig.
  • A QT/KDE ui for Sbackup (Simple Backup - A 2005 SoC Ubuntu project)
  • A KDE4 version of knetworkmanager & katapult, with some good bugfixes for knetworkmanager which currently has many weird quirks

  • Function to colorize the color scheme, e.g., shift the hue for everything

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