Easy way to turn on CUPS printer browsing and sharing.


For security reasons printer sharing with CUPS is turned off by default, we should offer an easy way to turn it on similar to that added in gnome-cups-manager.

Use cases

Kirsty has a printer on her local network, she wants Kubuntu to be able to print to it.

Gregor has a printer connected locally to his computer, he wants to be able to share it with others on his local network.


Ensuring kdeprint has the same functionality as gnome-cups-manager.


Add an item to the Printer Manager menu in KControl module of kdeprint to enable (or disable) printer sharing and browsing.


A toggle action menu item "Enable Printer Browsing" which will by default be set to the value returned by /usr/share/cups/browsing_status. When chosen it will run /usr/share/cups/enable_browsing, if this script succeeds it will toggle the menu item. If it doesn't succeed an error message will be shown.

Another menu item "Enable Printer Sharing" should run /usr/share/cups/enable_sharing in the same way.


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