Include a decent web browser in Kubuntu Maverick

Release Note

Kubuntu now comes with rekonq, a fast, powerful modern web browser integrated with the KDE Platform.


Our current web browser does not work in a lot of places.

User stories

Annemarie uses Kubuntu to read her e-mail in GMail and browse auctions in eBay.


Upstream have a stable release in line with our schedule.


Switch to rekonq in the kubuntu-common seed.

Drop Konqueror from the seed.

Modify kickoff to set rekonq as the favourite for browser. Ensure upgrades work changing konqueror to rekonq in the favourites.

Find out why upstream ships rekonq without any translations. Help them get it translated upstream and shipping with translations. -- They are in the KDE translation strukture -- bulldog98 2010-06-24 20:58:41

Ensure rekonq is the highest priority option for text/html mimetype and is higher than Konqueror (currently set to 9).

File bugs with rekonq upstream for obvious deficiencies.

Work with upstream to ensure a stable release in line with our release schedule.

Make sure QtWebKit's HTML5 video support is enabled.

Review list of default search engines. Bing/Yahoo and Baidu probably should be added. Google Groups, Open Directory dropped.

Review adblock list, we haven't updated in a while and it is probably out of date.

Review default favourites in Favourites page.

Current issues with rekonq

Web content

  • hotmail - needs special case user agent
  • cnn - videos not working
  • yahoo - freezes daily build (also needs special case user agent)
    • disguise as Chrome by default? -- There is a new feature branch about that -- bulldog98

    • Seems yahoo.com does not open without disabling adblock with rekonq git 2010/08/31 -- rohangarg

2010-06-24 21:21:55

  • kpart integration is nice but e.g. Find does not work within kparts

    --> don't ask for text/pdf integration, just do it

  • compressed files with content encoding=gzip does not seem to work e.g.

https://edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/rekonq/0.4.0-0ubuntu1/+build/1558605/+files/buildlog_ubuntu-lucid-amd64.rekonq_0.4.0-0ubuntu1_FULLYBUILT.txt.gz -- works in daily build now -- bulldog98 2010-06-24 21:21:55


  • Kubuntu Netbook

    --> implement an optional traditional menu bar that can be used by Aurélien’s global menu bar?

  • Font defaults to "Arial" and "Courier New"? Why not the KDE defaults? -- There was a discussion in the ML and it has changed -- bulldog98 2010-06-24 21:21:55

  • pointless Home button on toolbar

    --> Implement configurable toolbar and disable the button by default?

  • favicons often don't show

    --> Qt bug. Hopefully fixed with Qt 4.7 -- works most times -- bulldog98 2010-06-24 21:21:55

  • "clear address bar" button returned to address bar


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