Changes to Plasma Netboot in Maverick


Merge Kubuntu and Kubuntu Netbook into a single image.

Add a check in Ubiquity before the UI starts to detect the screen size. if height < 640 it's probably a netbook so load Plasma Netbook workspace instead of Plama Desktop. Also apply kubuntu-netbook-default-settings by editing a config file.

In the Plasma workspace choose kcontrol module ensure kubuntu-netbook-default-settings gets applied/unapplies as appropriate on change.

Plasma configuration

Port to new javascript configuration (and drop patches): http://www.notmart.org/index.php/Software/Script_your_netbook Check on kdebase/workspace/kcontrol/workspaceoptions and make sure plasma-netbook autostart works with KDE 4.5


Work with upstream (notmart) and get agreement on AppMenu integration in the first version of KDE that works with Qt 4.8 Develop changes to Application Control widget to work with AppMenu Update netbook panel layout


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