Ensure Kubuntu 10.10 supports Kolab fully as a client through Kontact.

Release Note

Kubuntu 10.10 is now a certified client for Kolab groupware thanks to extensive testing and verification by Kolabsys.


Groupware is useful functionality for our users.

User stories

Maisie is a sysadmin for a large company which is changing its groupware system to Kolab. She installs Kubuntu 10.10 on her laptop and is pleased that it talk to the Kolab server without problems.


The server packages get included, see ServerMaverickKolab


It will be a goal of the Kubuntu team in 10.10 to ensure our kdepim packages pass the Kolabsys test suite for Kolab.

Package Akonadi, kdepimlibs, kdepim-runtime and kdepim through the normal Kubuntu Ninjas process.

Have Kolabsys test our packages on each update.


Kolabsys engineers will join Kubuntu's community communication methods through our IRC channels and mailing lists.

When a new build of akonadi or kdepim packages is uploaded they will run their test suite on their infrastructure and send the results to a dedicated mailing list, up to a maximum of three a day.

We will notify the Kolabsys engineers to new uploads and to packages in kubuntu-ninjas for testing. Optionally we will also notify them of updates and backports to 10.04 which they can test.


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