What we want from our default web browser.

Release Note

Kubuntu now includes the full featured Arora as its default web browser.


Arora works with almost all websites and offers nice features like HTML 5, but needs some more features to give it the same parity as existing browsers.

User stories

Jonathan wants to read slashdot. He loads up the browsers and learns the day's stuff that matters.


That upstream can implement our wishes.


Critical Websites

Arora should work with Web 2.0 websites we consider to be critical to our users. These include Slashdot, GMail, Google Calendar, Facebook, Flickr, Youtube, Yahoo and of course kubuntu.org.


Passwords for HTTP auth and HTML forms should be saved using KWallet. (work has started)

There should be an advert blocking feature which is pre-seeded with a sensible list of adverts. (work has started)

It should import bookmarks from Konqueror and Firefox without the user having to find his existing bookmarks file.

The initial page should be a simple text field pointing at the default search engine (Completed).

The Edit -> Preferences menu option should be moved to Tools -> Configure Arora. (Completed)

There is a bug involving cookie handling in Qt which means sites such as facebook fail to login (Already fixed in qt 4.5.2).

Typing plain text into the URL bar should send the user to the result from Google's I'm Feeling Lucky (Completed).


Forwarding protocols such as sftp:// to the appropriate application (this should happen already, unknown protocols are sent to the desktop to handle through XDG)

URL shortcuts such as gg:foo ubug:1234 should be supported. (setting keyboard shortcuts are supported in 0.9 http://arorabrowser.blogspot.com/2009/08/arora-090.html)

Add http://www.baidu.com/ to default search engines. (Should this be based on locale?)

Support Java applets. (This is a QtWebKit feature that is in progress, but will be in Qt 4.7 at the soonest)

CSS overloading could be made more intuitive and turning off CSS completely should be supported.


Awesomebar (Completed)

Extensions framework

Kubuntu Customisations

The bookmarks should be empty except for one pointing to Arora [Fixed Upstream]

The bookmarks toolbar should be off by default. [Fixed Upstream - Removed Patch]

Flash should prompt to be installed when a user visits a website which uses Flash. This could use update-notifier-kde or could be a custom installer as we currently have in Konqueror. [Patch in kubuntu packages]

Klipper actions should not pop up when a URL is selected in Arora.


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