Ubiquity has reached a certain level of maturity but still lacks in some of the User Design and KDE Integration elements to really make the install process a better one. The installer should aim to be both functional and visually appealing to new users as it is often their first usable impression of the system. The goal is to decorate exsisting elements (adding new elements where needed) to create a more aesthetically pleasing install experience for the end user.

Release Note

Kubuntu Ubiquity should look good and have "bling"!


Other distros have good looking installer that don't look like just a basic application on the desktop. The installer is often the first experience the user has with the system and it should be a pleasant one. The goal is to have the installer stand out as well as feel like a part of the existing desktop experience. The installer provides a transition for the user from a previous system into this one and should thus match with what they user will see after they install the system.


The biggest consideration for the design was to resemble the 'air' plasma style. This will possibly by the default for kde 4.3 and thus the installer will match up nicely with other desktop elements.


The majority of the changes will focus around using Qt CSS to do cosmetic work on the current interface. New elements will be added as needed only when there is good implementation, usability, or aesthetic reason.

Another focus will be to rework/cleanup some of the kde frontend code elements and organize them in a manner that is conducive to maintainability. Primarily to move away from one gigantic file to do all the work and section off the appropriate pieces.

UI Changes

Initial mockup: ubiquity_idea1_small.png

The UI should aim to fit and run well in the 8.9" and up netbook screen sizes as best as possible.

Test/Demo Plan

User feedback will be the most critical phase of testing the new installer look and feel.

Will look into running just the installer shell without a backend so testers can just walk through the steps to get a general feel for the interface.


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