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Thoughts for UDS Karmic

  • KDE 4.3
  • Get rid of KDE 3? k3b, openoffice?
  • KOffice if possible?
  • Jockey in System Settings?
  • Review web browser Konqueror, Rekonq, Arora?
  • Finish system-config-printer-kde, really?
  • Prevent adding bad /etc/apt/sources.list entries in software-properties-kde?
  • PolicyKit integration for all of our tools? (Language-Selector, software-properties, etc)

  • QA?
  • Fix translations
  • Fix phonon<->Qt dependency

  • Get kde-l10n-xx installed, add to language-support-translations-xx ?
  • Migrate the remaining -kde4 packages to their KDE3 package names? (kdevelop-kde4, kdewebdev-kde4, koffice2)
  • What aobut including Shaman in Karmic?