To deeply integrate the social areas of the internet into the desktop.

Release Note

Kubuntu ships with social applets by default, integrating services such as microblogging and Facebook into the desktop.


Desktop should make full use of online services.

User stories

Eilidh installs Kubuntu and notices the social desktop widget. She configures it with her account and finds her friends who can help her with any problems she has.


The social desktop widget stabalises.


Include the openDesktop Social Plasma widget by default on the Kubuntu desktop. Default it to the nearby tab so that it shows interesting information without any configuration. Users can configure it to get full use of the widget.

Include the microblogging Plasma widget on the desktop by default. It should default to showing a Kubuntu identi.ca feed but include an obvious configure button to prompt the user to set it to show their own identi.ca or twitter feed. It should default to 10 blogs in the history.

Include Choqok in main and on the DVD by default.

Include the Kopete Facebook plugin by default on the CD.


Do not add the new default widgets to users upgrading, they will have set up their desktop as they like it and can add them easily enough themselves.

Ubuntu desktop will include similar features. We should stay in contact to discuss what social desktop features work for the user.

Upstream is adding more social desktop features and we should adopt those when they become available.


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