Ensure better QA on problem areas in Kubuntu.

Release Note

The Kubuntu developers have kept a better eye on troublesome areas such as translations and network management.


We have recurring problems which cause hurt for our users.

User stories

Mackenzie uses Kubuntu in French and is happy that everything is translated.


We will update the installation testing procedure for KDE to include contempory problems such as network and bluetooth etc. Network management should be at the top of the testing procedure since network is needed for most extra work. We will package other network backends to offer alternatives incase network manager doesn't work for some network setups.

It should be possible to upgrade from Hardy to all distro versions up to the next LTS. Although Kubuntu is not LTS we will have users who have KDE packages installed and want to upgrade. The ISO testing website should add test cases for upgrade from hardy as well as the previous version.

We will write a plasma applet to distribute on our beta installs which will ask questions for structured feedback on areas where we often revieve little feedback, notably translations and bluetooth. This should put its responses in a database over http which can them be easily queried so we can see where people are having problems. It should also prompt users to join the ISO testing team if they want to help check their problems in future releases.

The conflict checker is expected to be fixed for Karmic, we should keep a close eye on it to ensure we have no conflicts in our package upgrades.


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