What we will package for Kubuntu Karmic.

Release Note

Kubuntu Karmic comes with KDE 4.3. It includes Arora, a new Webkit based web browser. The Kaffeine video player has been added back for DVB and playlist support. KOffice 2 is now available in main. A new netbook settings package is available for small laptops.


Kubuntu Karmic should include the best of KDE.

User stories

Mariamne wants to read Slashdot, she uses Arora and notices that she actually can.

Mindi wants to edit an image with CMYK colours, she uses Krita to successfully view and edit it.


That upstream develops as we expect.


Kubuntu Karmic will ship with KDE 4.3.


The Dragon video player will be replaced by Kaffine to support DVB and subtitles.

We will work to get K3b compiling for KDE 4 and ensure that it works for all the CD burning related usecases.

KOffice 2 will remain in universe in line with upstreams wishes.

We will include Arora on the CD and set it as the default web browser if the developers can meet criteria specified in KubuntuKarmicWebbrowser.

Quassel will be the default IRC client but we will discuss with upstream usability issues listed at KubuntuKarmicIrc.


Phonon should be built from Qt. We do not expect new releases of Phonon to happen outside of Qt but if they do they should be made as patches to the Phonon within Qt. The backends will be build separately from the existing Phonon package.

The remaining packages with a -kde4 suffix should be renamed to drop the suffix.

The gtk-qt-engine KControl module should be extracted from the package so we can include it along with our default QCurve GTK theme, allowing people to select a different GTK theme if they wish.

We will create a meta package for plasma widgets in universe which will offer an easy way for people to install all available plasma widgets. This should be generated from a script so it is easy to maintain.


We would like to include updates of KDE packages for our users for stable releases in the main archives. We already create these packages but we need to convince the tech board that they have enough testing to be considered stable enough for the main archives. Point release updates of KDE should go into -proposed then -updates and new releases into -backports. We will make a proposal to the tech board to decide if this can be allowed.

Artwork Fixes

We should remain in line with upstream for artwork, but where there are gaps or obvious problems we have been requested to list those on a wiki page for the Ubuntu artwork team to have available when they have people interested in Kubuntu work.


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