• Launchpad Entry: kubuntu-karmic-netbook-edition

  • Created: June 1, 2009

  • Contributors: ScottK, Tonio, other Kubuntu devs

  • Packages affected: kubuntu-default-settings, possibly a new plasma-netbook-shell package


Provide, as a technology preview for Karmic, a new minor *buntu flavor, Kubuntu Netbook Edition. KDE4 is designed from the ground up to be scalable to many form factors. Many Kubuntu users are already using it in netbook computers. The intent is to make it easy for Kubuntu to just work.

Release Note

This release includes a new member of the Ubuntu family, Kubuntu Netbook Edition. This variant of Kubuntu is aimed at netbooks and other small form factor devices.


Netbooks appear to be growing in popularity. An install image optimized for this form factor would be great for users and may have some commercial potential. KDE 4 is designed to be scalable and is easily adjusted to new form factors. It may be particularly useful to have in the *buntu stable in cases where a quick turn around for a particular device type is needed.

User stories

Jane has used Kubuntu for years and wants it on her new netbook. She is pleased to find Kubuntu Netbook Edition gives her a familiar environment scaled to her new device.

Klaus has a new netbook device coming to market with an exciting new form factor. He needs an OS for it, but needs it soon. With a little help, he's able to ship on time and on budget with Kubuntu Netbook Edition.


None. The settings changes have been prototyped and the plasma-netbook shell will only be included if it is mature.


Test various settings such and font and panel sizes in the netbook form factor to determine good settings for smaller systems.

Test and integrate plasma-netbook shell if ready.


Implementation will have three major parts

Settings Changes

A new Kubuntu default settings netbook package will be needed along with a netbook metapackage for this edition (in Universe for Karmic)

New Flavour Setup

A kubuntu netbook seed will need to be created. Image builds for i386 will be needed.

Plasma Netbook Shell

If it is ready, the plasma Netbook shell will be packaged and used as the default front end for Kubuntu Netbook Edition. It is currenlty in heavy development and likely to be ready for Karmic.

Some patching of kdelibs/base/plasma-addons is needed (and doable before feature freeze) to support Plamsa Netbook in KDE 4.3.

Test/Demo Plan

Images will need to be thoughly tested before release. We will encourage people to test these on netbook and full form hardware.

Unresolved issues

Inclusion of Plasma Netbook shell TBD pending testing.


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