Changes we would like to see in Quassel

Release Note

Quassel IRC client has had several usability and feature improvements. We would like to continue using Quassel in Kubuntu, provided that upstream manages to fix the issues reported by our users soon enough to permit us to include it in the release.


Quassel is not as slick for users as it could be


Problems we would like to see fixed

There is no way to send files with DCC.

It is hard to configure the toolbars, using KDE toolsbars would fix this.

Users are confused that there is no way to set a list of autojoined channels, make it more clear that it joins the channels you were previously in?

When joining a channel the window does not change to that channel.

Translations are incomplete for some menu items.

Setting up server connections is hidden away under "Misc", it should be the first think the setup takes you to

The dockwidgets are ugly and draw too many boxes. There is an Amarok patch to fix this which could be incorporated http://amarok.kde.org/blog/categories/18-freespirit

The terminology "buffer" is confusing, something more understandable should be found.

Links in topic don't look like links.

Ability to place windows side by side instead of one over the other

After using it for a while on freenode it has chat windows open with three freenode servers, but there is nothing in them, why is this?

Keyboard shortcuts should be available, for example quickly browsing through channels.

Netsplit detection should be as good as in irssi.

Global away shortcut.


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