Work needing to be done to make Kubuntu ready for our users.

Release Note

Kubuntu is now fully KDE 4 based. It includes better integration with the cross desktop packagekit installer.


KDE 3 libs are unmaintained and should be deprecated.

User stories

Krissy runs open office and is pleased that it offers a consistent experience with her other applications.


Open Office

We will investigate the KDE 4 patches to Open Office and fixing those to apply. This should give us KDE 4 widgets and dialogues within Open Office and allows us to drop KDE 3 from the CD. If this proves successful we will create an Oxygen icon theme for Open Office to complete the experience. This is non trivial work so as a fallback we will re-enable the Open Office KDE 3 package for Karmic.


To be able to remove the install-package script we will change KPackageKit to allow for installing a named package from the command line, and offer the same simplified user interface as it currently uses for installing a local .deb.

Java should be blacklisted from KPackageKit as it can not install without debconf support.

With fixes upstream we can now revert to using the KPackageKit notifier for updates. update-notifier-kde can be turned off to updates, although it will still be used for apport and restricted notifications.

The software Settings pane should be restored as it contains the features we need from software-properties-kde, with the exception of adding or removing repositories. We should strip down software-properties-kde and integrate that with the Setting pane.

We will talk to the Ubuntu PackageKit maintainers to work out why package signatures are not validated and how that can be exposed to the user.

The add/remove button is difficult to use, we will investigate useability fixes for this.


system-config-printer-kde needs further work to implement samba sharing and more setup options. The remains of the usability review should be implemented.


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