Please upload KDE4 screenshots to be used on kubuntu.org here.

Kubuntu Intrepid Screenshot kde 4.1.2(29 October 2008). This is not default desktop. The wall paper is 25331-night4 from kde-loog.org, desktop theme is Arezzo. This is very simple even for newbie. Right click on desktop, go to desktop settings, click on New wallpaper and new theme to get and install one you like. Install lancelot menu from package manager and drag to place u like.

Simple Kubuntu : http://asfak.isgreat.org/simpledesktop.jpeg

Lancelot Menu : http://asfak.isgreat.org/lancelot.jpeg

Adept 3 :http://asfak.isgreat.org/adept3.jpeg

Dolphin : http://asfak.isgreat.org/dolphin.jpeg

Gwenview : http://asfak.isgreat.org/qwenview.jpeg

My KDE4 Desktop : http://www.copinous.fr/desktop.png [Romain]

Last look to hardy myKubuntu.png Hardy Heron, KDE 4.1.2 from PPA

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