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Clear message


Changes to upstream defaults in Kubuntu.

Release Note

KDE has been tweaked to achieve the maximum excellence.


Fix problems with the upstream settings.


Keep close to KDE 4, only change when a definite benefit.


We will remove sounds for actions. Actions do not need to attract the user's attention. We would like a new, shorter, login sound, Scott Wheeler has volunteered to make one.

At the 4.1 release we will consider which default Plasmoids to include. The Desktop Plasmoid should be on by default.

We will use the Oxygen colour scheme but with the widget background colour from the Zion scheme, which is slightly lighter.

We will include a KDM theme, preferably one from upstream.

Add Amarok, Kontact and Kopete to the Kickoff Favourites menu. Show names of applications by default. Change the menu back arrow to breadcrumbs. Require a click on the Kickoff tabs, not just mouse over.

In System Settings, move the Advanced items to the bottom of the main page, and remove the tabs. Use smaller text and enable word wrap.

In Logout, remove the second choices.