This page describes what in Kubuntu Gutsy 7.10 still needs console or a manual editing of a file to make it works.

Previous editions


The primary mission for a desktop OS is to be user-friendly and for newbie users console is NOT user-friendly, also for write very simple commands or editing configuration files. Past editions were criticized because sometimes there is a method to not use the console, but of course it was a way to not understand the REAL goal that is: NO console and NO extra configuration via config files, only and only UI for everythings. So I changed the title to make more clear!

It will be fantastic to see a distribution one day that will can do all these stuff via GUI and without configuring manually a file. Well I have to say that a LOT was done in Feisty and Gutsy to remove manual configurations, but still something is here, and something new I discovered, yes regressions!


  • to add a proxy you need a Alt+F2 -> kdesudo kate /etc/apt/apt.conf

  • to delete all .deb files downloaded you need a sudo apt-get clean

KDE Guidance

System Services

  • to add a script taken from the filesystem in the list you need a sudo update-rc.d <script> defaults #48417 -> rejected

  • to delete a script in the list you need a sudo update-rc.d <script> remove #48417 -> rejected


alien (and KDE integration)

  • to convert a rpm you need a sudo alien <file> #48597 -> Unbelievable rejected!


  • to install it in another hard disk you need a sudo grub-install etc.

  • to modify the menu you need a Alt+F2 -> kdesudo kate /boot/grub/menu.lst


  • to add a user you need a sudo smbpasswd -a <user> #16575

    • KMenu->System Settings->Sharing - Select shared folder->Change... - More Samba Options - Users Tab - Add User --> doesn't work!

Konqueror services menu

Install two or more debian packages with dependencies (like Google Earth that has a data package and another that depends on data one)

this is one of the worst: it worked in Edgy, they broke in Feisty (fixed but the fix was only present in some alpha version of 7.10) #108870 and they broke AGAIN in Gutsy with GDebi #134331

  • to install for example two or more files with dependencies you need a sudo dpkg -i <filenames>

  • to install a lot of files and don't want to open one window per file you need a sudo dpkg -i <filenames>

Network Connections


  • if you put some manual values then knetworkmanager for example stop to automatically search for wireless networks; to make it back to automatic networks discovery you need a Alt+F2 -> kdesudo kate /etc/network/interfaces and delete all iface lines related to the desired interfaces #125767


  • to make DSL connections, one must type sudo pppoeconf

  • to make PPTP connections you must edit /etc/ppp/chap-secrets and run pptp <modem> user <user> usepeerdns defaultroute.

  • you must configure all your routes by hand in /etc/network/interfaces (except default gateway)


  • tell me what you think!

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