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Changes to Guidance in Gutsy


We need to prepare for KDE 4 and adapt to changes in the base distribution.

Use Cases

Krissy uses KDE 4 and is happy that power manager works well with it.

Boab the sysadmin wants to turn off system services from Kubuntu and uses the service config to control even the parts ported to Upstart.


Port to PyQt 4, removing KDE dependencies for the time being until the python bindings for KDE4 are available. Some updates to newer HAL features might also be necessary.



The backend from the Display Config module has been forked for displayconfig-gtk. Create a separate package to include the backend, guidance-backends which could also be used in case backends from other modules are used by third party apps in future. Merge in the small number of changes from the displayconfig-gtk fork.

Power Manager

Port Guidance Power Manager to Qt 4. It was originally developed in KDE 3 because there were was no Qt 4 widget for system tray applet at the time; that has now been fixed in Qt 4.2 with qsystemtrayicon. The KPopup widget can be replaced with the popup available in qsystemtrayicon (which looks much nicer), and needs to be optional (enabled by default). The dialogue needs to change from a KDialog to a QDialog. Other widgets are Qt 4 only and need only minimal API changes. dcop integration will be lost, but it is currently not used anywhere since there is a dbus interface directly to HAL.

Service Config

Service config needs updated to support upstart. Upstart supports status reporting and listing the available modules so add support to use the upstart command line tools to find out information as well as the init script based support.

User Config

The groups selection in user config is confusing, currently it is just a list of available groups that can be selected for each user. The list should be replaced with a series of tickboxes for "media device support", "printer support", "can become admin" and other common user scenareos. The full group list should be available from an Advanced button.

Display Config

New versions of X support runtime configuration. Rather than testing on a new X server and re-starting X to change the setup, add an option to test the X setup on the current X server and save if appropriate. This can only be offered if it is supported by the current driver.

Grub Config

Grub Config did not make it into feisty. Work needed to get it into Gutsy is: create a grubconfig backend and frontend (95% done already), fix update-grub issues and deploy patches early (working together with the SoC Ubuntu Grub-Config project) and add it to the Guidance packaging.

Unresolved Issues

Find out how to tell if the driver supports runtime configuration.


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