Kubuntu needs your help to become the best operating system on earth. Please add comments and suggestions for future releases of Kubuntu. Also, try to keep this page tidy and organized so developers and contributors can easily find and read the comments, and take suggestions into account.

Distribution Ideas

* Share more code between Desktop Environments. See this Launchpad specification

  • The Kubuntu DVD should contain the whole of KDE. See this Launchpad bug (rejected with comment that it must be filed elsewhere).

  • The Kubuntu CD should contain a sampling of the whole of KDE. See this Launchpad bug (also rejected).

  • Add an option to install to HDD without connecting Internet (for those poor ones who's got an expensive traffic costs)
  • During the system install there should be a section to select which package to install (something like "Add/Remove Programs"); personally every time I install Kubuntu I have to uninstall half of the programs that are automatically installed because there are alternatives (that are available to Adept) that I prefer.

System Ideas

  • Port OEM installer - Google SOC 2006 project - KubuntuOEMRedistributionTools

  • Add support for LVM in Ubiquity - Google SOC 2006 project - KubuntuSummerOfCode2006

  • Review these distributor patches. This could help out to figure how other distros work around problems (like system:/ kio slave), speed increases, etc. I understand this is a difficult task, but nontheless worth mentioning.

  • Support of Kubuntu LTSP such that defaults should work without startup applications crashing (kmixer).
    • Kubuntu themed login manager and bootsplash for MueKow.

  • Kubuntu live session uses the maximal resolution of the screen. It would be better if it use resolution with 85Hz refresh rate, because with 65Hz refresh rate eyes get tired very fast.

Desktop Ideas

  • Deliver and install KGtk as default and launch the standard programs via menu with it (Firefox etc.) to use the most possible unique look and feel! See more on the kde-apps page. KGtk works also with programs like Opera etc.

  • A better integration with Compiz-Fusion and the desktop wallpaper plugin. Currently only show a wallpaper for every desktop/viewport. A simple patch to fix that issue that allow to paint individual wallpapers on every desktop/viewport is located here: http://www.kde-apps.org/content/show.php/KDesktop+transparency+support?content=59864

  • Have YaKuake installed by default and configured to use the ` key. (because F12 may be used by Beryl for certain effects so this should avoid conflict)

    • This is a _very_ bad idea. The backtick is used in the shell and many other places. Default global shortcuts should never be assigned to single-key, non-modified, non-function keys. It is another matter entirely as to whether non-modified function keys should be assigned globally. I would tend toward no, but F12 is rather benign, since few programs use it.
    • I'm currently using Alt+key above tab (which happens to be "ªº\" in my keyboard).
  • Kickoff as the new kde menu, or at least include it in universe.

  • (same as above?) Port Suse's Kmenu search: screenshot

  • Replace Kmenu or Kickoff with tasty menu http://www.kde-apps.org/content/show.php/Tasty+Menu?content=41866

Warning /!\ Edit conflict - other version:

Warning /!\ Edit conflict - your version:

Warning /!\ End of edit conflict

  • Install libarts1-audiofile and libarts1-xine by default. Video and audio previews in Konqueror are amazing.
  • General smoothing out of issues related to Kubuntu's defaults and KDE's defaults clashing. (I've already filed most of these as bugs, and am about to file the remaining ones)
    • Konqueror help shouldn't refer to menus Kubuntu has hidden in the default profiles
    • 'Defaults' buttons in control panels should return settings to Kubuntu's defaults and not KDE's defaults
    • KMenuEdit shouldn't re-order menus when they've been edited
    • Default Desktop Switching applet shouldn't give a dead link to KPager which isn't installed by default with no indication of why the app isn't launching
    • Right clicking text on a web page in Konqueror should offer to search with Google, not locate (how could that be useful?). Locate should still be the default for text typed in the menu bar.
  • Make KDE faster - do we have more performance patches somewhere? SuSE seems to be known for a fast KDE. (NOTE: Some of this features has gone upstream in kde 3.5.3, but it would be worth looking at other kde distros)
    • Prelink by default, set KDE_IS_PRELINKED=1 ? Can't say how much this really helps though, haven't seen benchmarks.
    • Don't start Keep daemon until the user has decided to use it for something.
  • logout-dialog-theme logout-dialog-theme I've patched the kdebase, and packaged related program.

    • Sure, but please don't use the theme in the screenshot.
  • Some features of KDE require additionally installed packages (for example file sharing via samba). A dialog should suggest to install it (with one click) via adept_batch. This could look like this screenshot.

    • There also should be dialogs to allow the installation of the missing media-codec in Kaffeine/KMplayer or the installation of the missing Konqueror-plugin for example flash or java instead of the error messages.
    • Next step could be the possibility to install a suitable programm (out of a list?) for non assigned mimetypes by the use of debtags...
  • KubuntuHWDB - port hwdb similiar to Ubuntu's.

  • Work with Ubuntu devs to create a more unified look (e.g. color scheme and window deco) for the three desktop options (GNOME, KDE and Xfce).
  • Create a custom icon theme for Kubuntu. Maybe a Blue Human theme. I think the Crystal theme is starting to look a bit dated.
    • How about Nuvola?
  • Add KDE Tango icons? They are looking good.
  • Also to be considered, if we could have different colour schemes... say Kubuntu-Blue Kubuntu-Human(Ubuntu like orange scheme) XKubuntu(XFCE like grey-blue scheme) etc... and the same for icon themes.
  • Kicker's current background could be improved, like a e.g. color scheme and window deco) for the three desktop options (GNOME, KDE and Xfce).
    • The "colorize to match the desktop color scheme" in "Configure - KDE Panel -> Panel Background" should be enabled by default.

  • Have a good/better Samba integration that would allow users to share folders from ~ 41955 - Same for NFS. Also make it possible for advanced users to mount samba shares.

  • Implement themeable logon screen similar to Ubuntu's, add a theme which allows to select names from users list (as in MS Windows XP); the original Ubuntu has it.
  • Make Kubuntu console-free for newbie users, see this page for the list (constantly updated) KubuntuDapperWhatStillNeedsAConsole

  • Better Firefox integration into KDE: KPart-Firefox, MostlyCrystal, kgtk

  • Better integration of Gnome apps with KDE defaults. An example is that if Firefox is set as the default browser, Thunderbird still opens Konqueror. More details are at https://launchpad.net/distros/ubuntu/+source/mozilla-thunderbird/+bug/52670/. This is one of the major frustrations for new Kubuntu users, and I suspect may be quite easy to fix, at least the obvious integration.

  • Provide access to user's home directory via KDE Menu or desktop icon. Also (if it's possible) to improve layout the home directory or implement "the desktop metaphor" as explained here: http://evolvedoo.sourceforge.net/abstract/

    • Also, it would be nice to have predefined icons in the file dialog, with entries for Images, Music, Videos, Documents, like in Mac OS X. All properly translated. So folders would be automatically created in the user's home directory, like Documents, Images, Videos, Music, etc.
  • Increase avahi integration in desktop. sudo apt-get install avahi on several desktop on the same network should allow to share anything we want with just one click on server, and should allow to accept any services share with one clic and make the right configuration if needed.
    • An avahi discovery applet similar to the one for GNOME would be great.
  • KubuntuXGL - Fix compiz-kde so we can have a bling desktop experience based entirely on qt/kde.

*Possibly install beryl by default (next to Kwin and Gnome), with the ability to turn it on and off in system settings=> monitor and display

  • Implement an Add/Remove... feature similiar to Ubuntu's.
    • Kubuntu dapper already has such application.
      • Adept sources.list editor sucks. Implement synaptic-like one
  • KAT for desktop search. Or take a look at kitten and integrate it in desktop

    • or Kerry - KDE front-end for Beagle (search in Ubuntu)? - already in Dapper Universe

    • Nepomuk Apparently, mandriva is paying full-time developers to work on this for kde4. I think kubuntu dev's should look at it closely so it can be included when it's in shape.

    • strigi yet another desktop search app

  • An universal document viewer instead of kpdf (okular or kviewshell which ever is more polished/reads more formats)
  • A few KDE games. Kubuntu doesn't include any game by default. There are some nice games like Kbillards, kolf, KSmiletris. Maybe we could do a pool for inclusion?
    • A probable candidates may be kmine, kmahjongg, kpat, kbounce. Just don't join them in a pool so that users would be able to install/uninstall them separately.
    • No please, keep Kubuntu clean from anything like this. It will extend the startmenu, and therefor make it look messy. A better solution would be to make them easy installable by apt-get (as most are already) and add a easy accessible documentation (maybe link this to the welcome message new people get when they first try (k)ubuntu) that states the games available.
    • Yet I do believe some games would be nice; I get a lots of novice users complaining about lack of simple games installed in kubuntu right-from-the-box.
  • Have some kde4 apps if they are ready/usable (maybe in universe?). This would help testing them and would give a taste of kde4 goodness for the impatient.
  • integrate some free VoIP-Software like openwengo. - wengophone already in Dapper Universe

  • Replace media players with a more convenient one
    • Kmplayer instead of kaffeine? We are already using the kmplayer konqueror plugin. Kaffeine has many features amarok already has.
      • Kmplayer has problems with the soundslider. I mean if you change the sound volume with kmplayer it changes the volume of one slider in the alsamixer, whereas kaffeine changes the overal volume. Don't know about codeine -- Terracotta
    • How about codeine? http://kde-apps.org/content/show.php?content=17161

      • Codeine looks nice, but doesn't even have a volume controle. -- Terracotta
    • Don't install too many players by default: KsCD+Amarok+Kaffeine == confuses novice users. AFAIK, Kaffeine plays nearly any media, so maybe don't install Amarok and KsCD?
      • No - Amarok is KDE's killer app! Using Kaffeine to play/organise music is painful; besides, Amarok is a Windoze-beater, it has to be installed by default.
      • Amarok is my favourite app and I love the kaffeine+amarok combination. It´s perfect.
    • Replace ALL media players with ONE (with others available through install/uninstall)? How about VLP?
    • KPlayer would be an ideal candidate to replace most if not all of existing KDE based media players.

    • All KDE videoplayers - subtitle autoload or dialog window which subtitle file use.
    • Add an option to play any cd/dvd with a default sound/video player with just one click.
    • No, please, leave Amarok (it is best KDE audio player) and Kaffeine (maybe, just remove audio options from it?). AudioCDs can play Amarok.
    • SMPlayer is what I vote for. It's a frontend for MPlayer so it plays everything but the interface it much better - and improves day-by-day.

    • I would keep 1 audio player: Amarok and 1 video player: Mplayer
  • Better Kile support; actually installation doesn't installs latex-ucs when kubuntu uses unicode as default, there's not kbibtex on universe (is still alpha but works nice), not a kubuntu default configuration (with cleaner toolbars), old version on repositories... and Kile is one of the kde killer-apps (I use kde since I meet kile as many other students)

  • KDE-based video capture/editor Kdenlive. This would need updated firewire libraries and other dependencies, however. Also, how do restricted formats affect usability?

  • KNetworkManager (network-manager-kde) - already in Dapper Main

    • Knetworkmanager should cooperate with guessnet, ie. configuration dialog button Advanced... opens options for: management of MAC address, essid, routers MAC / IP address comparisions. Proper combination starts proper network. It could finally also support gprs-pcmcia cards, at best using package with providers data based on country,

    • Perhaps include KNetworkManager on the Kubuntu CD, like Ubuntu does? For folks who need to connect to a WPA wireless network to get online, having KNetworkManager only installable if you have a network connection would be something of a catch-22, wouldn't it?
  • Include a fax application such as hylafax or efax by default? Lack of fax utility is frustrating.
    • I could not find any good frontend for neither hylafax nor efax in KDE. Efax-gtk seems to be the only decent one but it's integration in KDE needs to be improved.
    • Nobody uses fax today. It shouldn't be installed by default.
  • Welcome a new installation with a task list of things a new user could need, such as: install codecs, kde games, update from internet, install java, flash, etc. This way the system is automatically put in a very usable state and up to date without the user googling on how to install the things he needs.
  • Welcome a new user by list of questions (e.g. for what use computer: for multimedia, work, or else, etc), that user can skip, and set the thematically theme, like multimedia theme (for fun), theme for

work and so on.

  • I have a Dual Monitor setup: I would love the ability to maximise windows directionally from the taskbar to a preferred screen. This capability could be enabled in Kubuntu's system settings or could be automatically installed when users set up a Dual Monitor configuration.

Conventionally you go to the taskbar, maximise your chosen program window, look at what screen it maximises to and if it is on the wrong screen you have to go to that respective window and drag it across to the required screen. It drives me insane. Why cant I go to the taskbar and have some functionality that allows me to throw a particular program window to the left or to the right. Maybe I dont always have both monitors on (to save energy) so if a window is maximised to an off screen, I then have to turn the monitor on, drag my mouse across to it and drag the program window across to the opposite screen before turning it off again. If I had this functionality, if a program window was maximised to the wrong screen I could simply click on the taskbar button differentially to tell the window to move to a particular screen. This idea is really simple and allows me to be far more productive. I dont want to drag windows from right to left and left to right - It bores me silly. I just want to click a taskbar program button (maybe in its top left hand corner to throw the window to the left or click in the taskbar buttons far right corner to throw the program window to the right screen - simple eh? Microsoft and Apple Macintosh havent implemented this idea. They were too busy creating eye candy to want to listen to me. I would love Ubuntu to protect this idea via patent, to allow the open source community to use this idea and for Microsoft and Apple to be charged to use it. Any monies to go to Canonical, (after all I am in your debt). I love Kubuntu and cant wait to see it grow.

  • Please add by default a better theme for gtk appz. I use LegacyHuman along with the kde colours, so appz like Firefox look very good also in kubuntu (the only difference is in the grey menus). An alternative may be clearlooks without using kde colours (menus are white). The problem is that the default themes (qt & raleigh) don't have such a good render (also for the small fonts they use) and choosing to use the default kde theme doesn't work much in all appz (I repeate, firefox in primis). I don't like much konqueror as a web browser, so I use firefox and Thunderbird and before I finally understood I could use a better theme for gtk appz I found their look was horrible in Kubuntu. Please note that opensuse (which is for sure the most important kde-oriented distro) has by default a nicer rendering using the option "use my kde theme in gtk appz"!

  • Wine being included with Kubuntu by default. Doing this would make it easier for people without internet acsses who do not want the trouble of downloading .deb packages, to run Windows applications.
  • = Laptop Ideas =
  • KubuntuPowerManagement - Replace klaptopdaemon with much better KPowersave (see KubuntuPowersave for details)

  • KubuntuLaptopButtons - Out-of-box support for laptop keys like Ubuntu (Suspend, Power, Battery, Multimedia keys, ...) May be include KeyTouch to configure them as well?

  • Laptop testing team or some form of testing of how Kubuntu functions in regards to powersave, hibernation, etc
  • Easy to use wireless setup, such as a better integration for Wireless Assistant with a systray status icon which will load the wireless config to switch networks
  • Be able to connect to a WPA wireless network by default. KNetworkManager is not included on the CD, and the hacks out there are very Gnome-centric, making the process for Kubuntu users frustrating.
  • We need something like knetswitch applet that integrates wired and wireless networks (http://vizzzion.org/?id=knetswitch)

System Settings Ideas

  • An option on Samba configuration menus to add the workgroup (currently we must configure it on the smb.conf directly and is as important as configure a domain)
  • A status bar to indicate a more detailed description of what the module the mouse is pointing at is about.
  • Assign language & locales to each user in userconf.

    • -Nicer solution: kdm supporting selecting language on login
  • A WORKING network module would be nice. Even if everything is in place, it is not possible to enable a wireless interface. Network settings crashes when trying to reconfigure. It is possible to enable the same wireless NIC tìfrom the console. Also, in Ubuntu everything works fine even when using graphical tools. Using multiple profiles for WIRED NIC in network module is quite unstable. I have a static ip in home and DHCP in my work - every time I try to change the selection - the network module displays a dialog "Reloading Network" and then crashes. We need something like knetswitch applet (http://vizzzion.org/?id=knetswitch)

  • integrate kwlan (graphical frontend for wpa_supplicant) into kubuntu or make System Settings -> Network Settings aware of wpa

  • Combine Control Center and Kcontrol. Having two control panels is very confusing. I would say just switch completely to Control Center, but Kcontrol gives a lot more configuration options.
    • Kcontrol is hidden but it's mayor features are in system settings. If you are missing any please file a bug.
  • System Settings has "single mouse click" to open module even if I set mouse settings to Double click. (Is it a feature?)
  • KCM control modules have different password dialog than the one used by other applications (kdesu?) - it can be confusing. It'd help a lot to bring them together and make password query consistent.
  • Button location in some dialog windows is illogical. Why not conform to HIG guidelines and put the buttons in most-obvious order (Eg. Ok on the right, as you'd probably opened the window to changed some setting and accept the changes, Cancel button could be renamed to Revert - as in fact you aren't cancelling any action - you just didn't set the option, so Revert brings the options to previous state. Apply button could be eliminated - changes could be applied immediately after setting an option OR after clickking Ok; first one would be more obvious, as you'd see the effect of changes you've made) ?
  • Somehow have the layout so modules don't scroll in lower screen resolutions (like laptops).
  • Why don't use X.org Setup to change X.org settings. This is the link: http://www.kde-apps.org/content/show.php/X.org+Setup?content=56982&PHPSESSID=b589391d7fadf5657e63e72da62d3f97

Guidance Ideas

  • Grub configuration tool. Every major distribution has a bootloader gui tool. Even gnome-system-tools has one. I think a qt/kde backend would be sufficient.
  • A grub recovery tool would be nice. Use case: imagine someone reinstalls windows (or another distro) and messes the MBR. The user could use the live cd to recover grub from a GUI tool. A qt/kde front-end to grub-install should be sufficient
  • Backup tool. A simple backup tool. (Keep is already in the distro)
  • A cron frontend. (Kcron is already in the distro)
  • DPI setting tool (25656)

  • LVM (Logical volume management) tool. This would be a great addition if kubuntu sets LVM by default on install.
  • Profiles in Secondary Group Selection for users in userconf. There could be two profiles for Kubuntu: "Administrator" and "normal User".
  • asound also configuration tool
  • Current user configuration is unusable for non advanced users. Most people don't know about groups. It should be as simple as selecting "Can play audio" or "Can access CDROM".


Please include here modules for the system settings tool you think Kubuntu needs and/or would be nice to have:

  • Firewall (There was a Google SoC proyect for this in ubuntu. If this became the default for ubuntu we only need a qt port of the gui.)

  • IrDa tools

  • So many people have multi-button mice, it would be extremely useful to have a tool to set them up without having to edit the configuration files.
  • Video in support for Video 4 Linux modules(drivers) like RivaTV or to have a god documentation to get this to work. This could also include TV cards nad DVB-S/T cards and so on.

Adept Ideas

Note that this may not be the best place to post suggestions for Adept. I will almost certainly not remember to check this place. Please file them on bugs.kde.org, adept is using it for bug and wishlist tracking. There they won't get lost... -- mornfall.

  • Review Adept with OpenUsability. They have done very good work with the Gentoo kde package manager (Kuroo).

    • [note (mornfall): have you specific issues? openusability so far did not come with too many suggestions... on the other hand, I may not be trying hard enough to get them... so maybe a volunteer would ask nicely and get some useful data from openusability?]
  • (Add some notification for the need to reboot once a package like hal or kernel has been updated.)
    • [note (mornfall): no i don't think so, that's the job of maintainer scripts and debconf... hardwiring things in adept == bad idea; not to mention absolutely nothing apart from the kernel should ever need a reboot]
    • Something like what we have in ubuntu then, even if it is not in Adept, a reboot also makes things easier for HAL upgrades for newbies (they don't understand the required console work). A notification of a logout/login required as well for things like the core kde library upgrade.
  • a GUI upgrade tool to easily upgrade between releases (similar to the one ubuntu dapper has) See: https://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=128391

  • An option upon install time to setup automated security updates, such as WinXP does.
  • Better package selection for the Add/Remove part of Adept (Expand beyond just KDE "Default" packages)
    • An easy way through Adept Add/Remove to install win32 codecs, and libdvdcss2.
  • Something to search trough the packages using regex/wildcards


See KubuntuDocs/Edgy


  • Add a related proyects link to Ubuntu/xubuntu/edubuntu as ubuntu.com, xubuntu.org and edubuntu.org have.

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