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Definition of kubuntu messaging and branding, including guidelines and examples for artwork and messaging in general. The Kubuntu team has decided to take advantage of KDE's efforts in this and piggyback on those ongoing efforts.


KUbuntu needs a concept of artwork, and a general direction for its whole branding so artwork can follow this concept and messaging

Use cases

Bob wants to work in a visually consistent environment. Helen wants to visit the website and immediately recognize that it's part of the Kubuntu entity. Joe wants his desktop to look good.


Promotional material, web presence, KDE desktop itself, and kubuntu-specific artwork (such as usplash, CD covers, merchandising schwag)


Continue the path created by edgy but pointing new directions based on the kde4 branding and look. The KDE Marketing Team is working on a complete branding concept which can partly be adopted in Kubuntu (with the necessary variation in order to not weaken either brand, Kubuntu's and KDE's. KDE's Target group analysis can be reused for Kubuntu, some groundwork for the whole branding concept can also be used for Kubuntu, probably with variations in the implementation (artwork) part.


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