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Make Dolphin the default file manager in Kubuntu


Dolphin is the default file manager in KDE 4. We should be ahead of the curve and adopt it in Kubuntu's KDE 3 setup.

Use Cases

Krissy wants to use Kubuntu and can easily find her files with Dolphin.


Settings, main inclusion.

Design and Implementation

Add Dolphin to the Kubuntu desktop seed. There are no other dependencies outside main.

Set Dolphin as the application manager for inode/directory and directory-locked to dolphin in kubuntu-default-settings.

Replace the "storage media" icon with a hard disk icon, the current icon is meaningless.

Dolphin lacks the right click service menu to compress files or folders. Reimplement it as a .desktop service file which calls Ark, rather than as a kpart which calls Ark.

Ensure good documentation for changing back to Konqueror by default covering both the GUI, via the ComponentChoser KCM Module, and command line methods.


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