Kubuntu Dapper Feedback

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Great Release! - JonathanRiddell

Installation with Ubiquity worked great, even partitioning. I just noticed a few minor problems with the german translation like some buttons remaining english. There still seem to be problems with the localisation (see last comment in https://launchpad.net/distros/ubuntu/+bug/42352)- Mata_svada

I upgraded my Breezy Kubuntu system with Adept, as Matt Zimmerman instructed in last Thursday's announcement of the Dapper Release Candidate. After that, it would only boot to the command line, not to X. So I did a fresh install from CD. That was a disaster! It destroyed my partition table and toasted my WinXP installation (WinXP won't boot anymore). Doing a second install mostly worked, everything other than sound (SB Live!) seems to work. - Rob Fargher

Installed and running great. I have even recently updated to KDE 3.5.3 (thx Riddell) and it flat out runs. I currently have 3 Kubuntu Dapper RC systems running, and all 3 are flawless. I have yet to run into any issue. Can't wait for the final!!! Thanks again Kubuntu - Rich Johnson (nixternal)

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