Kubuntu Dapper Beta Feedback

Known Problems

  • Live CD Installer (espresso) crashes and wipes partitions table without asking. I would recommand not to use this version, and I think the webmasters should remove the download link. See bug 40464 and DapperBeta/PartitionTableCorruption

  • Adept can't start, it complains about not being able to read the Apt database. See bug 40410

    • workaround: run sudo debtags update

    • fixed with recent update
  • Printing from an application gives an error
  • Live CD Installer randomly crashes when trying to create dialogue boxes (e.g. on close or after the Indentity page)


Please leave general feedback below, report bugs to Launchpad http://launchpad.net/distros/ubuntu/+bugs

  • Great distro!
  • Love the distro. Though its hard to find out how to use bluetooth. Nobody use bluetooth chat.
    • And I think that firefox should be used as browser as it is much more stable. - Pascal

      Firefox in my opinion is much slower at loading websites than Konqueror - William Shand I've never experienced that firefox has been slower that Konq and I've used both quite extensively. This is a discussion that will not be settled here though. Again, love the dist! -Pascal I don't think firefox is much slower in loading pages, but it DOES undoubtedly start much slower.... -superstoned

  • why do i get a blank page with "image/svg+xml" in konqi when i try to see the svg image riddell posted a while ago? and why is svgdisplay not associated with svg files, but firefox? -superstoned
  • should we set 'text completion' to 'dropdown & automatic' everywhere? -superstoned

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