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After this work is complete, a user would launch the adept updater and they should see sources updating and then packages needing update. No welcome screen. Just right down to business.

Release Note

Adept updater no longer has the unnecessary welcome screen, bit instead takes you to updating your sources and upgrading your system faster and easier.


The welcome screen in adept updater is unnecessary. It should be removed so that folks can update their systems quicker and more intuitively.

Use Cases

Garfield sees the adept notifier in his system icons, and clicks it. He notices that unlike in the past, he only sees sources being updated and then he sees all of the packages that need to be updated.




Adept updater opens, sources update, shows upgradable packages.


UI Changes

Kill the adept updater welcome screen.

Code Changes

This should, IIRC, only require a change of the app.cpp in adept/updater/.

Test/Demo Plan

This would be easily tested by simply running the adept_updater with kdesu and verifying that it is not displaying a welcome screen anymore.

Outstanding Issues


BoF agenda and discussion

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