Kubuntu Website Mockup Contest Submissions

Please upload your Kubuntu Website mockup submissions to this Wiki Page.

To quote the announcement, here are the criteria:

  • Must follow this base : mockup.svg. That is to say, same gradient, same container, same logo position.
  • The body region will have a fixed width of 852px, with a 12px right margin, and a 12px left margin.
  • The mockup must be tasteful.
  • It will be evaluated on accessibility, ease of use, and aesthetics.
  • All submissions must be submitted to this Kubuntu wiki page by 2008-02-03 00:00:00. You will find instructions for uploading on the wiki page.

  • The preferred format is SVG. If you are looking for a SVG editor, please install inkscape from the Ubuntu repositories.
  • Please release your mockup in an open license.

To upload, click on the drop down menu above the page title and select "Attachments". Upload the .svg and a .png / .jpg / etc export (~500px wide, you can generate one with inkscape <SVG-filename> --export=<exportname>.png --export-width=500 ), and append them to this page, along with @SIG@.


mockup1.svg -- RyanKavanagh 2008-01-12 17:59:42


Just an idea, actually I was bored at the last LUG meeting and quickly came up with this.


Here is another mockup I just finished. Don't pay attention to the length of the page.



I think we should have a website similiar to That shows shared identity and one trademark should use the same basic design. This is my first work with inscape and it is not a mockup of the complete website as it should be. I am not a good artist, maybe someone can improve this idea?

Mockup3.svg -- ChristianMangold 2008-01-25 21:27:53

DavidJMiller (late entry)

Sorry, I forgot what the end date was Smile :-) I hope you'll still consider it -- DavidJMiller 2008-02-04 17:21:45


view mockup-dmiller.png fullsize


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