• Launchpad Entry: kubuntu-lucid-netbook-packaging

  • Created: November 20, 2010

  • Contributors: ScottKitterman

  • Packages affected: kdebase-workspace, plasma-netbook, kubuntu-meta, kubuntu-netbook-default-settings, and others (potentially)


This spec covers Kubuntu Netbook specific packaging work for Lucid. This will transition Plasma Netbook from a technical preview to a full release generally suitable for all users.

Release Note

Kubuntu Netbook Remix is now a production release generally suitable for all netbook users. It is fully integrated in the KDE system and ready for use. Lessons learned from the 9.10 (Karmic Koala) technical preview have been incorporated into this exciting new release.


Needed to transition from prototype flavor to production.

User stories

Jane has long been a Kubuntu user on her desktop and has decided to purchase a netbook. She's excited to find she can download Kubuntu Netbook and install it on her netbook via a USB device and have a beautiful desktop environment she can adjust to suit her needs. She is pleased to find that it works very well on the smaller screen with the low power CPU typical of netbooks and is well integrated both on the 'desktop' and with the internet.

Jamie works for a company that wants to launch a new netbook product. Jamie wants to have a look that is different and exciting and likes to have a look at Kubuntu Netbook.


This spec covers Kubuntu Netbook specific packaging work for Lucid:

  • Rename to Kubuntu Netbook Remix by reviewing ISO build related packages and documentation to ensure consistency
  • Transition from separate plasma-netbook package to plasma-netbook built from KDE 4.4 kdebase-workspace
  • Update kubuntu-netbook-default-settings based on new plasma-netbook and feedback from Karmic
  • Review application selection and consider alternatives more appropriate for Netbook which satisfy the required criteria:
    • Works well on smaller screen
    • Good web integration
    • Touchscreen friendly
    • Perhaps armel specific packages with an extreme focus on lightweight
  • Review default Newspaper activity selection and make it exciting and useful out of the box


kdebase-workspace package change before alpha 2

UI Changes

Most UI code will be from upstream, but the design feedback from Karmic is that the default panel is far too complex. In many cases the functionality is duplicates actions which can be performed in other ways (for example the "Leave" widget and the power button). These redundancies should be removed. If the alternatives don't work for some system, these are bugs that should be identified and resolved.

Code Changes

We need to revisit how we start plasma-netbook and make sure it's consistent with the new upstream Plasma switching. Netbook should be an option selectable at login at KDM and it should not be possible for Plasma netbook and desktop to be started at the same time as is the case in Karmic.

In line with this transition and KDE rebranding we need to revisit kdebase-workspace package naming and structure and make sure that both plasma-netbook and plamsa-desktop are installable and provide a functional workspace. This needs to be coordinated with Debian.


Plasma-netbook has some user interface conventions that are somewhat different than people are used to. There will be a Kubuntu Netbook specific slideshow in the installer to introduce new users to their desktop. The novel UI is not an issue for upgraders who will be used to it. We will provide a way to show the slideshow for new users from the Newspaper layout for a new user who did not install it themselves.

We will probably not be able to support keeping user's widget configuration intact on upgrade. In order to upgrade them to the new settings needed for the KDE 4.4 version, we may have to remove user customizations. Since Karmic was a tech preview, this is acceptable.


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