The code we need to write for Kubuntu Lucid.

Release Note

Kubuntu 10.04 completes and refines several pieces of important configuration applications.


As an LTS we want to finish and review the projects we current have and do not want large amounts of new features.

User stories

Roman wants to print to a network printer. He fills in the details in the printer settings kcontrol module and prints off his masterpiece.

Aurelien is installing Kubuntu and wonders what is good in the 10.04 release, the slideshow gives a quick intro and Aurelien is excited about his new operating system.



Finish porting the code from the Gnome version and implement the UI changes already specified. Network printers need completed. The UI changes are listed in kubuntu_printer_configuration.pdf.


This is being ported to C++ to make it less of a burden on the system as a constantly running applet. Obsolete functionality will be removed such as the update notification. It will be ported to the new system tray protocol and to using persistent notifications.

File Sharing

Fix the Samba file sharing module in KDE. It should be changed to use the modern "net share" command rather than obsolete ways of configuring Samba. This needs the frontend in kdenetwork/fileshare simplified (and the advanced one removed). The backend code in kdelibs/kio/kfileshare.cpp needs ported to "net share". The kcontrol module can go away. It will need to prompt the user to install samba on first use.


Add in the slide show code, this is already complete and just needs merged. The slide show content has been reviewed by the docs team.

Create a modified slide show for use on the netbook install to introduce the user to the differences between the netbook setup and a more traditional desktop.

The installer currently can fit in 576 pixels height, ensure it can fit in 480 pixels for support on small netbook screens. If necessary using scrollbars is acceptable but preferably it should fit without.

Right to left support should be fixed with better tab support and button order sorted.

The Plasma resource for location could be used to better suggest which city the user wants to use for the timezone page. This would benefit from libgps being moved to main.


Use of install-package should be replaced by using KPackageKit. This will mean we can drop install-package and gdebi (which can also be replaced by KPackageKit).

Plasma Applets

In KDE 4.4 Plasma Applets can now be put into the system tray. We will move device notifier, message indicator and the batter applet into the system tray.

Feedback Applet

The feedback applet was ready in Karmic but we did not have a reliable host for the questionnaire. Roman has offered to host it on his server so we can enable it for alphas and betas to get quick feedback.

Future Work

language selector

Create a design for adding the functionality of language selector to the kcontrol language module in a suitably integrated manor.


We would like to port this to a KControl module to make it more integrated than the standalone window. This requires PolicyKit support which is planned but has no schedule for the work.


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