Current Issues that Project Neon faces

  • Currently some bindings build without QScintilla2 libraries even though the build-depend is added, looks like a internal issue with QScintilla
  • KDE PIM might not work completely, we're working on that
  • We are still working out issues with keeping the configuration separate from the stable kde one, a known issue there is akonadi still using ~/.config/akonadi, and setting XDG_CONFIG_HOME breaks kwin.
  • If you want working KDEPIM:
    1. akonadictl stop
    2. export XDG_CONFIG_HOME=$KDEHOME/config
    3. mkdir -p $XDG_CONFIG_HOME
    4. akonadictl start Akonadi should work fine then.
  • We don't have pykde currently, so no python support in neon
  • Amarok is broken
    • Short Version : Amarok cannot find qtscript generator once you set neon-env

      Long Version : Amarok cannot find qtscript generator since the qt.core extension is not installed in /opt/project-neon where CMake tries to find it, here's a log of the issue.

  • Shit is not installable in Debian - see here and here

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