This would allow a new user to gain one click access to tech support through a number of ways. This program/applet/widget, whatever it may be, would allow the user to select Live Support via IRC, Community Support via Kubuntu Forums, Active/Launchpad Support via the Launchpad. Also, maybe some sort of communications via a chat client that would allow members and other users to answer support calls per say. You send a question or a problem into an automated system, that puts your issue into a queue. People can then look at the queue and pick up support using Kopete, gaim, or whatever chat client they prefer.


Seeing as current support for Kubuntu is spread across different areas, this would allow the new user easy access without having to fumble his/her way through the forums, wiki, or try to figure out IRC. Konversation could be used, and a script created that would create instant settings that would ask the user simple questions, ie. Name or Nickname, and then connect him/her to the #kubuntu channel where they can then easily chat with the people in there. This method I would probably recommend for non-commercial support only, as this is a decision to be made by Canonical. If you goto the current ubuntu forums, Kubuntu support is there, just not all that easy to locate. Also, if a user is to search or google for Kubuntu forums, they will have a choice, either the Ubuntu Forums or the Kubuntu Forums. Tie-ins with the Launchpad, the Wiki, and Malone could also be implemented and utilized easily.

Use cases

RichJohnson just installed Kubuntu for the first time, and this is his first time ever with Linux. He would like to know how to upgrade drivers, software, or may have an issue with openoffice or koffice. Rich hasn't been using the internet like a lot of the current Linux people do, so he may be confused on how to get around a wiki, forums, or even irc for the first time. He can click the Support Icon on the desktop, in the kicker, or where ever and have instance access to a world of support, live at his fingertips.


There are many ways to design this. I have worked with various types of tech support systems and implementing them on large scales for various companies. If we were to utilize programs already available to Kubuntu, then the design process would be minimal.


Implementation could come via many ways. Implementation through Konversation (IRC Support), Kopete/gAIM/aMSN (Support Queue), software packages similar to Remedy that would allow direct connection to the Launchpad making it easier for a first time user to fill out a report, and not have to deal with the sudden difficulties of learning a new site, and possibly posting a simple question as a bug.


If I was a coder, I could possibly comment further here. I would welcome any of your coders to go ahead and make suggestions also, just as long as you apply your sig to a suggestion when editing this.

Data preservation and migration

I don't see a need for data preservation. Migration could be into Edgy and would be wonderful. Migration would also have to be with the Launchpad, Forums, as well as the Wiki.

NOTES Please place any notes, comments, or suggestions in this area. Please apply a @SIG@ to any reply, as that would be greatly appreciated.

  • Just wondering if this spec is dealt with through KubuntuLaunchpadIntegration and would better be served to work within the framework that JonathanRiddell is coding? Let me know your thoughts -- JonathanJesse

    • Jonathan, after reviewing JohnathanRiddell's spec, yes the launchpad integration is shooting for the same goal. This spec here however adds a little more to it, as it would integrate a program/script (i'm not a coder so excuse the lack of knowledge there) that would send the user to either the forums for support information, or connect them via konversation to Freenode #kubuntu. The applet/program/script could gather information from the person that would auto configure konversation to connect. It would also be nice if there was a package that would allow a user to use kopete/gaim/amsn or similar, and they could log into a support queue. Create a launchpad team to field that kind of stuff and their chat aliases used. Or use something like bitlbee that would allow a user to connect via aim, msg, jabber, or icq and chat in the irc channel for support. -- nixternal 2006-07-06 05:03:44


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