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  1. This document details the constitution of the group hereinafter referred to as the 'Kubuntu Council' or the 'council'.
  2. The purpose of the council is to make decisions and govern Kubuntu.
  3. Kubuntu is part of the Ubuntu project and the council will abide by decisions of the Ubuntu Community Council.
  4. The Kubuntu Council can appoint Kubuntu Members, and any active Kubuntu contributor is welcome to apply for membership.
  5. Council members are appointed for a period of two years based on a vote of Kubuntu Members.
  6. The Kubuntu Council will appoint a chair, secretary, and treasurer from among its members (each council member shall hold only one of these positions).
  7. A vote is defined as quorate if at least three council members are present.
  8. If the meeting is not quorate, voting shall be done by e-mail over a period of three days.
  9. The chair shall have a casting vote.
  10. If the Kubuntu Council falls below three members and it is not possible to elect new council members, the funds and any other assets will be defaulted to KDE e.V.
  11. Motions are carried by simple majority or by using CIVS.
  12. If any council members do not respond to contact attempts by other council members or contact the project for over three months, they shall be considered inactive and a vote may be organized to replace them.
  13. Revisions to the constitution must be pre-announced on the kubuntu-devel mailing list, must be pre-announced to the Ubuntu Community Council and other stakeholders, and must be approved by a vote of the Kubuntu Council.


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