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* Please post your feedback here -- claydoh 2009-10-20 18:22:06

*Well, I have to say that I have been waiting a long time for this official release and that I have been very let down. I can't get any of the cool eye candy because the nvidia drivers don't seem to be working. I had a number of problems with the standard upgrader and had to use to command line and remove offending packages that didn't jive with the upgrade. My sound doesn't work. Apparently the update-grub didn't work on my customized menu.lst and it took me hours to figure out this problem... I am sorry to say that I am quite unhappy with this upgrade. I am willing to put some effort into upgrading my system but this has been one problem after another. I would have to recommend at this point, folks stick with 8.04 which I have been pretty happy with. I like the new features and the look of a lot of the updated software but come on.... how much work should I have to put into my system working? When the packages don't update correctly, the sound doesn't work, the accelerated graphics don't work.. what's the point? From my perspective this release is NOT ready for prime time. I will continue to struggle with getting my system up and running as I am committed at this point but I would STRONGLY suggest people stay with 8.04 until... well until this release is really ready. Sad :(

*Well, it has been a couple of days now and I downloaded and booted to the live CD. Interestingly, everything seems to work wonderfully from the live CD. So, maybe my issues are all related to upgrading from 8.04. I will look into filing some bugs but at this point I am seriously considering a clean install.

* OK, a few more days have passed. I have finally managed to get everything working again. I didn't really have enough free disk space to do a clean install and I am glad I stuck with getting the upgrade to work. Now, that I have worked the bugs out and had some time to play with the new applications and desktop I am really happy. Lots of eye candy. Good performance. The new Amarok, Kontact, and the rest are much improved. If the upgrade had gone smoothly I would have nothing but kudos. Thanks to everyone who made this release happen!

-- ted-parvu 2009-10-31 16:28:30

*I've downloaded the alternate CD so that I could do a dist upgrade from it. at first, I chose to have it find updated packages online. It estimated my download at 3.7GB. I wanted to just update from the CD, so I've quit, reran and told it not to go online. this time update could not complete because of missing packages. --- solution? quit, run apt-get update, rerun upgrade script.-- avihay 2009-10-29 20:54:39

*The upgrade (from alt-cd) process closed xorg while upgrading. scary! dpkg was still running in the background for a while, than no activity. --- solution? trying to "sudo shutdown now" caused a menu to show up and suggest, among others, to let dpkg continue what it was doing. after a long while and a few questions, it requested that I enter enter. a reboot later and the system is ok ( I hope). *the application switching (alt-tab) without 3d-acceleration has been made to be a lot more responsive. -- avihay 2009-10-29 20:54:39

*After the upgrade and subsequent reboot, a couple of packages weren't installed kde workspace I think, don't remember, so I got a black screen after logging into kdm. Back to the command line to fix that, but, hey, no wireless, hidden SSID, plug in cable, apt-get dist-upgrade, done. Login fine. Very surprised that in this day and age wireless still seems to be an issue, yep, the move to KDE 4 was big, but it could have been handled better, once again, substandard in my opinion and still not easy for the average user. Also hoping for SportTracks and some sort of Garmin Forerunner 405 support sometime soon once the driver is written, a package for SportTracks would be nice Smile :) Please please sort out the wireless issues and don't release it broken again, that's the second time now -- jawnboy 2009-10-30 00:04:15

*What I like is that it runs without great problems. But I don't know why I have to change the size of nearly all windows because they are just to small preconfigured. The same problem with the installer, he might be very nice but I can't see all options just because they are vanishing behind the small window (normal PC). Big IPV6 Problem, no MSN. Rekonq package is broken (do you test your packages after building them?) But generally I am happy with kubuntu, it's the same like with 9.04, a lot of bugs but it works.

*I thank you all for Kubuntu Karmic Koala -- micmord 2009-10-30 10:35:30

*Don't even think about installing Karmic if you have LUKS encrypted filesystems. There's a stupid bug in Upstart (468885) which means that it doesn't bother waiting for your passphrase, so unless you can type it in the couple of seconds available, your encrypted filesystems can't be mounted. A total showstopper for me, so I've had to restore from my backups. That makes at least three successive Kubuntu releases that have totally screwed up my system: time to find another distro I think... -- ubuntu-beermad

*I've just installed this baby on my Dell Studio 17' laptop and my good lady's macbook, and both went swimmingly well; a vast, vast improvement on the previous release. Thank you team! Couple of niggling bugs (had to fetch proprietry broadcom wl wireless driver; needed to compile myself an xserver because of this ATI backfill patch business - it utterly destroys my system), but they are probably upstream problems so I'll let you off. Thanks again!

* Thanks a lot for this wonderful update. I'm using KDE4 since first release, but not the 4.3 release, and this time improvement is excellent. Kubuntu installs easy, fast and, after that, the only detail was to install the nvidia drivers, but after a couple of hours to search I got it, and looks beauty. I'm using linux since 1998, and this is the best desktop I ever had. Thank you very much guys again. -- hugortega 2009-11-02 16:50:06

* Just upgraded this morning. So far, it's been the smoothest upgrade I have had yet, with fixes & improvements to many things that have been bothering me. The "filter search" in Kmail Settings->Configure Filters is alone worth the upgrade! I'm also enjoying a working Amarok, desktop effects (for the first time), and an openoffice that can use hardware acceleration without visual glitches. Only two issues so far: akonadi server wouldn't start until I manually installed mysql-server, and the well-documented problem with connecting to a wireless network with hidden ESSID. For some reason, my old manual /etc/network/interfaces configuration did not work either, so I simply decided to un-hide the ESSID.

* I have found a problem when changing KDE interface style to Plastique (I have checked only this style) - after logout and login I have a black screen with mouse pointer only. To log in again, I have to remove ~/.kde/share/config folder. Another problem is missing libstdc++5 library. It is required by some programs e.g. games. -- orkanspec 2009-11-16 20:44:08

* All is well except WiFi. I keep trying to pin down the problem so I can submit a bug but it is not cooperating. From reading comments and bug reports, it sounds like my problem is not unique. It is just a simple insecure WiFi connection. Same problem on two different laptops, one Asus, one ThinkPad. Both have worked flawlessly with prior versions. Now, they "sometimes connect" after mucking with settings. But, I really can't pin it down. Today, I finally tried wicd and have the same problem. So, my "guess" is that it is something magic in the new kernel. -- nicafyl 2009-11-18 21:51:28

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