KDE-Guidance module for wine progress

Here I, YuriyKozlov, will keep track of my progress on my project for Summer of Code 2006. KDEGuidanceWineSpec


  • Found out it's been packaged as part of guidance
  • Fixed behavior when wine is not installed
  • Disabled default browser settings for now


  • Got feedback on the patch again, still more stuff to fix


  • Got feedback from Alexandre, sent in another attempt at the winebrowser patch


  • Submitted another attempt at the patch for winebrowser


  • A screenshot of winefile running with Kubuntu Dapper colors:
    • http://people.brandeis.edu/~ykozlov/soc06/winefiledappercolors.png


  • Redid winebrowser patch, but mike_m wants it done yet another way.


  • Discussed winebrowser patch
  • Glossy, 2nd try:
    • http://people.brandeis.edu/~ykozlov/soc06/winekde2glossy2.png


  • Added Purple and Blue color schemes, derived from Edgy and Dapper, respectively.
  • Disabled settings that do nothing when window manager is enabled and virtual desktop is disabled.
  • Cleaned up extra slots.
  • Enabled gradients
  • Fixed various bugs with appearance settings.


  • Color schemes are working
  • Added ability to try to copy current KDE colors
  • First attempt at a glossy icon:
    • http://people.brandeis.edu/~ykozlov/soc06/kdewine1glossy1.png


  • Implemented installing of themes
  • Fixed bugs with selecting of themes
  • Work on color schemes. These are stored using KConfig and I will be adding some default ones.
  • Tried to figure out how font appearance settings work. Found the bytes for underline and strikethrough, but those are mostly useless. Found where the font name goes, but it doesn't seem to have any effect.

8-14 to 8-15

  • Lots of work on appearance settings

8-11 to 8-13

8-3 to 8-6

  • Finished default browser and mail client settings
  • Worked on wine bug that doesn't allow multiple argument browsers (i.e. kfmclient exec)


  • Started on default browser and mail client settings. These are done for the case of using a native linux app.

7-27 to 7-31

  • Created and completed libraries tab.


  • Completed per-application settings.
  • Some internal changes to wineread/winewrite.

7-22 to 7-25

  • Duplicate projects resolved. David's going to work on the other parts of the project
  • Some work on the applications tab. Tryin to get command line argument ("wineconfig app.exe") working.
  • Looked through the wine user guide for more things that need/can be configured. Need to start using HKEY_CURRENT_USER for simplicity and portability. Can also set up ports and network shares through .wine/dosdevices.


  • Some work on the applications tab.


7-14 to 7-18

  • Decided there is no need for a wizard, reduced to a simple dialog


  • Submitted a patch for wine bug #3269
  • Implemented setting the windows version
  • Implemented creating of new fake windows install


  • Started on setting the windows version


  • Made a picture for the wizard and for an icon:
    • http://people.brandeis.edu/~ykozlov/soc06/winekde1.png

  • Started the first-run wizard


  • Fixed shell folders when they are actual folders instead of symlinks


  • Implemented windows shell folder mapping on the drives page

6-17 to 6-22

  • Graphics tab is functional
  • Fixed entering of folders and desktop size
  • Fixed reading settings when they don't exist yet


  • Audio tab is functional


  • Started on the audio tab. Reading and setting the driver works, but I haven't figured out yet how to find the available drivers, so for now they all appear in the menu.


  • Cleaned up tabs in the code
  • Implemented apply and reset. The drives tab is now functional.

6-12 to 6-13

  • Implemented all the buttons on the drives tab, including drive autodetection


  • Implemented a preliminary method for writing drive settings.
  • Looked through kwine code

6-7 to 6-9

  • Cleaned out the displayconfig code I was hacking from
  • Fixed the .desktop file. I put the module in the System category, I am not sure how appropriate that is though.
  • Implemented reading of settings for the drives tab. The mapping is read from the symlinks in ~/.wine/dosdevices and the type of drive is read from the registry using regedit.
  • Notified of www.wine-doors.org. This has some of the same goals as my project, but more like Scott's, and is also for GNOME.

5-27 to 6-3

  • Got KDE SVN access and updated the guidance README.
  • Got kwine working.
  • Read python tutorial.
  • Tried out Kdevelop Designer. It's nice, but I think I'll stick to text.
  • Started on drives page. Next thing is to work on giving it some functionality, mostly as a proof of concept for the rest of the thing.
  • I think the current functionality of the Desktop Integration page needs to be put into the drives page as they do the same thing -- map windows directories to actual unix directories.
  • Got in contact with ScottRitchie (BetterIntegratedWineSpec)


  • Tried to compile kwine. Not working yet...


  • Continued working on the module. The widgets on the Desktop Integration tab are done:
    • http://people.brandeis.edu/~ykozlov/soc06/screenshot2a.png I can do the rest of the tabs like this just by hacking up the displayconfig code, but I need to start actually learning python/QT to get this stuff to do something.

  • Got in contact with kwine developer [kwine.sourceforge.net]. He's done a lot more work beyond what he posted on sourceforge that (it seems) he's mainly been using just on his own computer, and I think some of it could be very helpful to my project. He's already created a wine KIO slave and is working on "dcop/wine gateway to access wine registers".


  • Started creating a wine module by hacking on the display module's code
  • Discussed possibilities of how to change wine settings with mike_m and vitamin on irc. The changing of the settings is going to be more difficult than I thought. There is no simple way to link to wine and access its functions, it has to be done with a winelib program such as winecfg or regedit. The best solution is indeed some "code glue" but this (at least as wine devs would like it) would have to be a proxy feature in winecfg so that it can accept commands to change settings. This isn't yet implemented and it is a pretty major project I'm told. Another possible solution they gave is to use regedit commands to change the settings. This isn't preferable because the registry keys/options to edit would quickly be obsolete, among other reasons. I will start out by building at least part of the python GUI, then implement it with regedit commands to get something working. Then I'll see if I can do it the proper way.


  • Project was accepted.
  • Started dissecting guidance. Figured out how to create a new module by duplicating the display module.


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