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  • All serious issues should be still submitted as bugs!


  • Post known issues here
  • There are reports of the open source ATI drivers being very slow.
    • Be sure to not have Virtual size set to high and try with XAA instead of EXA; fixes it in some cases.
  • Nvidia 64 computer chipsets still cannot boot kernel without pci=nomsi option
  • Connection to non-broadcasting (hidden SSID) wireless networks with the network-manager widget isn't possible bug 330811

  • Qt shows repaint bugs with some but not all Intel Gfx Chips. Using XXA or UXA fixes them in some cases, but hurts performance, please report UXA here: bug 338669

  • Qt repaint bugs also seen in some situations using the open source ati driver; XAA fixes this in some cases. bug 350120

  • Adobe Flash Player installer doesn't refresh Konqueror's plugins. Bug #349728.

  • Some languages do not have .desktop file translations Bug 362229

  • Network Manager is not added to the panel on upgrades Bug 349066

  • Network Manager does not connect to some networks Bug 339313

  • KPackageKit (which is now the default package manager for Kubuntu Jaunty) doesn't support installations which require a removal or updates which require additional software. The packages to be removed / installed will be shown as blocked. Bug 342671

  • Desktop effects hang amd64 system with NVidia drivers Bug 357577

  • Print_Screen key isn't bound to Ksnapshot on LiveCD sessions. Bug 365379

  • Cannot login to KDE. It goes into an indefinite loop of blinking my desktop and kdm greeter background. My .kde directory was migrated from 8.10 and removing it helped, but after playing with desktop effects settings I wasn't able to login again @kdubowik@ Bug 364614


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  • Inverse search through dvi files missing in Jaunty. Some useful features of KDE3 are still quite missing in Kubuntu 9.04: In particular, the inverse search in dvi files (generated by LaTeX or TeX). In KDE 3 there was the kdvi viewer which supported the inverse search. In KDE 4 (at least in Kubuntu 9.04 repositories) this viewer is missing and there is NO SUBSTITUTE for it. Please note: Neither Okular nor Evince are substitutes because they can not do the inverse search. Since many (k)ubuntu users use LaTeX I am strongly advocating for inclusion of this KDE3 feature into (k)ubuntu. It was in Interim, so why not to include this extremly usefel viewer/feature also to Jaunty. Problems like this prevent people from using KDE4 and force them to continue using the old KDE3. @martin.konopka@
  • I can't find a viable WiFi manager in my preliminary testing of Kubuntu 9.04 with KDE 4.2 (RC). KNetwork Manager, KWiFi Manager, and Wireless Assistant all of which works nicely in Kubuntu 8.04 under KDE 3.5 couldn't be found in the repository, while WiFi Radar doesn't even load [Bug not reported]. Note also that System Testing also doesn't load under Kubuntu 9.04 with KDE 4.2 (RC) [Bug not reported]. Accordingly please note my delight that Kubuntu Remix 9.04 promises to prolong the life of KDE 3.5 and its software for another 18 months and thus provides an alternative to keeping Kubuntu 8.04 until its end-of-life in 6 months or switching to a Gnome based system. @kenyon-karl@

  • Flash is broken in Konqueror. The applet seems running, as I can here the sound if there is any, but no image. Happens with Flash 10 and 9, not even 9.48 which worked flawless with KDE3s Konqueror works. Seems to be Bug #169626, which also has a fix. Would be nice if that could be included.

  • Having problems with the shortcuts for "Walking through the desktops". Whatever combination for the "reverse" walking is ignored (although it appears in the settings)
  • KPackageKit looks promising, but it has too many problems for a production system since it can't even update successfully all the time, and no information is given as to what it's doing or what error occurred..
  • I like this version a lot, I even could upgrade in a machine from intrepid and one from hardy, and all working right. KDE4 is becoming great and nicely integrated with other apps. I like how does qtcurve looks in gnome apps, but I think that should be also the default for KDE3 apps, but it's missing from the repos. Also, KDE3 and QT3 colors and theme can't be easily changed, and I'm missing two plasma-widgets: panel-spacer and yawp, but the broader selection of available plasma-widgets is very nice. Great work @Daniel Velasco@

  • So far so good. One more Problem Kpackagekit have is that here is any reinstall-option. This I can do only with aptitude by using a konsole. The translation? Let's see if we get it all right till the final-release... The rosetta-stuff need some improvements for the near future, because it's causing many additional work and frustrations. Kubuntu-Artwork. Here I hope to see more effort for the next version. And I don't mean only wallpapers ... Important plasmaoids are: cwp and panel-spacer. They should be shipped in the Jaunty-Final. Nevermind - this release of Kubuntu is a new milestone and we are going a good way ... thumbsup. --scholli
  • Please do not put KDE4 as default. Do not upgrade from KDE 3.5 to 4 as default. I know users who switched to Gnome or to other distributions just because they could not find KDE 3.5 in 8.10 any more. I do not know anyone who enjoys KDE 4. I have as a test KDE 4 on one machine and I regret it every time I have to use it. Check the forums (for example, almost everyone who installed 8.10 with KDE was disappointed, because of the move to 4. Please no KDE 4 by default. Otherwise there will be no way to use 9.04 and it is disappointing. Thanks. @Alfas@

  • Fast boot, firefox better integration, Quassel is nice, Ktorrent ok, digikam ok, overall good experiment, but things i don't like are :
    1. Intel G43 x4500 HD chipset is not recognized, first boot is a black screen !! I had to revert to an old driver to get a decent experiment :,

    2. Some trouble with intel sound chipset, sometimes PCM is muted : consequently flash sound is muted, etc ... Need to run alsamixer GUI and manually unmute
    3. KPackageKit has some rough edge, it is not possible to accept sun java license, etc,
    4. Quicklaunch applet should be used as a default instead of QuickAccess, which is a bit strange to use (ok it's nice and smooth etc but ...)

    5. Sometimes notification just never disappear (from kopete or a file copy or ark or anything else ...) (but it's a kde bug)
    6. How to use strigi ? Still not possible from krunner for me, locate command from a konsole is the only way to have a desktop search tool ...
    7. k3b qt4 version seems close to a release, isn't it possible to include it? Thanks,@Takahani@
  • I am absolutely not agree with @Alfas@ and not agree with @Takahani@ in point 4. One day we have to finish with KDE3; so I never liked it and was forced to use Gnome. --scholli
  • In summary a great system but 2 days working with it spot many annoying glitches: stability of kubuntu + KDE 4.2 still needs to be improved although the developers did a great job with it. Some issues so far (sorry if the report is not very satisfactory but I couldn't understand how to trigger these issues in a systematic way):
    • display flickers once in a while with driver 180.44 on G72M [Quadro NVS 110M/GeForce Go 7300]. Logging out and in helps and the flickering effects goes away for many hours.
    • sometimes when the mouse reaches the lower right corner instead of triggering the desktop-grid effect reappears in the top-left corner triggering the "present window" effect
    • sometimes the top-right corner fails to trigger "present-window (current desktop)" effect
    • the new network-manager plasmoid gets an IP address both from wireless and from wired connections
    • sometimes clicking on the panel becomes useless: you lose the possibilty to change desktop, open the menu, switch between windows. Only the present window effect keeps working. logout - login gymnastic seems to be the only solution.
    • some shortcuts (like Ctrl+Shift+tab for reverse walking across desktops) don't have any effects @gian@
  • For me, there is a regression from the beta. In that one, I could get the desktop to display on my old Sony Vaio PCG-FX370P, which has (I believe) an Intel 815EM. It never worked in the alphas but in the beta it was fine. Now, when I start without using safe graphics mode I get a black screen from the start. When I do use safe graphics mode, I see the startup screen (with the fade in of the icons) just fine, but when the desktop starts it's striped and things are in the wrong place. Then it goes black. This may be the same problem being reported by Takahani, above. I will do further testing on a different laptop. -- mgolden 2009-04-21 04:40:43.

  • Here are a bunch more issues (some I have reported in previous alphas/beta):
    • On the startup screen, the progress bar becomes invisible as it crawls to the right. Please either make the bar wider or make the contrast greater
    • When you're configuring the timezone on installation, you can't select the India timezone, nor are any Indian cities shown in the dropdown. This is a regression, since in an early alpha you could do this.
    • On my Sony Vaio PCG-XG19 (neomagic graphics chip, I believe) during login I see the startup background but not the startup (i.e. the four icons fading in).
    • I reported this before: please, please install konqueror-plugin-akregator by default! It makes no sense to have konqueror as the default browser and akregator as the newsreader without the tiny (26k!) plugin that allows newsfeeds to be added to akregator from konqueror.
    • On K menu, "System Settings" is under System, not Settings.
    • If you do a sudo apt-get install flashplugin-installer, Konqueror doesn't automatically find flash - need to explicitly tell Konqueror to find it by going to the plugins tab and searching.
    • Here's an odd one: Flash plugin crashes on Konqueror if Firefox is not installed!

    More testing to come. -- mgolden 2009-04-22 05:30:51

  • I did the upgrade from 8.10. Now the panel background is very dark, with black writing. Things are hard to read. Even worse is the panel setup menu which is basically black on black and a window which appaers from time to time on the lower right corner. I guess it tries to tell me some warnings or so, but - black on black is not so easy to read. Oh yes, desktop effects are enabled, Style and Color Scheme are set to Oxygen. Selecting Platique Scheme did change the Panels colours. However, the background of most of the widgets (kalendar, system info), the logout confirmation dialogue or the menu is still in a very dark grey, so reading the text is nearly impossible. @ghp@ 2009-04-23 22:12:43.


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