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== Intel Atom Support ==
Kubuntu Jaunty now supports the lpia architecture, so you can now enjoy KDE on your Intel Atom based netbook


Jaunty has it all, and more....

The Kubuntu Team is proud to announce the release of Kubuntu 9.04, the Jaunty Jackalope!

With this release, the development team brings you the best KDE distro out there. With its world-renowned Ubuntu core and the KDE 4.2 desktop, Kubuntu 9.04 gives users a well-rounded, feature-filled and elegant desktop.

Underneath that desktop, updated kernel and core systems bring stability and speed. On top, KDE4.2 brings beauty, innovation, updated software and new and improved features.

Read on for details and highlights

Installing 9.04

Downloading 9.04

To download iso images for Kubuntu, please visit our Downloads page.

Upgrading from 8.10

You can upgrade from Intrepid Ibex 8.10 by following these instructions

Upgrading from 8.04

Instructions for upgrading from Hardy Heron 8.04 can be found here.

NOTE: This will upgrade your system from KDE3 to KDE4.

What's New?

Jaunty Jackalope includes a brand new desktop containing many bug fixes, new configuration options, as well as many new and updated applications. Below are some highlights:

KDE 4.2.2


9.04 includes KDE 4.2.2, a bugfix and maintenance release of the latest stable version of their amazing desktop environment. On top of the many bug fixes included, this version also contains many improvements and new functionalities, including:

  • Significant refinements of Plasma and KWin, the KDE workspace
  • Many new and updated plasma widgets
  • New and improved desktop effects (enabled by default)
  • The return of the optional "Classic Desktop" motif as an option
  • More desktop configuration options
  • Improved System Tray
  • New, improved notifications
  • and more...

For complete details 0n KDE 4.2.2, please consult http://kde.org/announcements/announce-4.2.2.php .

Qt 4.5

Kubuntu 9.04 ships with latest Qt, version 4.5, which brings a faster desktop experience as well as new features. More information can be found here.

System Settings

New in System Settings are tools for managing software and printer configuration.

Software management can now be performed from within System Settings with the new KPackageKit interface



Printer configuration is also now found in System Settings as well, in the Advanced tab



Intel Atom Support

Kubuntu Jaunty now supports the lpia architecture, so you can now enjoy KDE on your Intel Atom based netbook

GTK application integration

Kubuntu 9.04 offers improved visual integration of GTK applications into its KDE environment. Using QtCurve 0.62.8, you favorite GTK applications such as Firefox and Pidgin (to name a few) will take on a theme quite similar to the rest of your KDE applications.

Quassel 0.4.1


Quassel is a new IRC client that is now the default for Kubuntu Jaunty. A new setup wizard makes setting it up a breeze.

Amarok 2.0.2

Jaunty Jackalope now comes with the recently-released Amarok 2.0.2, the second bugfix/enhancement release in the Amarok2 series including integration of online services such as Last.fm, LibriVox, Jamendo, Magnatune and more. Amarok gives you a new way to listen to your music, and we highly recommend that you check it out.


KDE 4 Network-Manager Plasma Widget


The new plasma-widget-network-manager replaces the old KNetworkManager applet.

NOTE : Upgraders may have to add the Network Management plasma widget to their taskbar or desktop manually




Click the Plama icon in the bottom right.

Click Add Widget.

Double click on Network Management.

KTorrent 3.2


KTorrent has been updated to version 3.2. This version brings new features, a heaping of bugfixes and fixes for memory leaks. It also brings a new KTorrent plasmoid to grace your desktop. (Installable as the plasma-widget-ktorrent package, not installed by default)

Digikam 0.10.0


Digikam has been updated to first KDE 4 release: 0.10.0. This version is not a pure port to KDE 4 technologies (Solid, Phonon...), but it includes major functionality improvements:

  • Support on multiple root album paths (including basic support for albums on network)
  • Geolocation with Marble widget
  • XMP support
  • New Camera UI with capture support
  • Major improvements of Search interface
  • Improved image editor with integrated tools

Together with new Digikam, there is also first KDE4 release of KIPI Plugins 0.2.0. It provides new import/export plugins for SmugMug, Facebook and 23 web photo services. Digikam is not installed by default, but can be installed later on at your choice.

Known Issues

  • Kmail sieve functionality is buggy and causes CPU hang. You shouldn't use it at the moment.


We want to hear what you think about Kubuntu 9.04, the Jaunty Jackalope. We want to know if it Rocks, if it is just OK, or if it is flat out wrong. No matter the feedback, as long as it is in line with the Ubuntu Code of Conduct, we would like to hear it.

So what are you waiting for? Head on over to the Feedback Page and let us know!

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