A place to collect notes about the KDE 4.2 Upgrade process in Intrepid

4.1.3 to 4.2 Beta 2 on mature Intrepid installation (seele)

  • Upgrade process (used Adept)
    • MySQL asks to configure root password 3 times
  • Post upgrade
    • Some plasmoids are broken: Bball, Binary Clock, Calculator, Character Selector, Color Picker, Comics Strip, Dictionary, Eyes, ... Timer, Twitter
    • Not using the kde4 network manager?
    • Akanodi appears to have done its job. No problems with Kmail or other PIM-related data
      • Kontact is not starting when akonadi ressource is used in korganizer, korganizer standalone is working. Problem appears on two differnet machines. -- neversfelde 2009-01-08 22:16:17

    • Kickoff width changes strangely.. from 500px (obviously too wide) to 200 px (too small, have scrolling in many app descriptions)
    • If you turn Fast User Switching off in the krunner configuration options, you can't switch users (the option doesn't show up and an alternate way does not appear)

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