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Known issues:

  • The upgrader can crash when starting the removing packages stage


  • As more and more wide screen are used, Kubuntu must provide recognition of these monitors and use appropriate resolutions. At the least the user must be allowed to select the type (Wide/Normal) and select the right resolution as a part of the installation. --Chandru
  • Installation went smoothly, however, I very much miss the option to install into encrypted volumes without detour. Did I miss the option in the installer, or has support for dm-crypt/LUKS not been included? --JP
  • I loved it too but strigi is unusable.. It`s always Crashing Sad :( I hope it will be fixed until the final release.. As for the compiz-fusion, no it will not be the default for kubuntu. -- VangelisTasoulas 2007-09-27 19:14:00

    • Compiz Fusion won't be included by default, since the Kubuntu team is waiting to include KDE4 unofficially (ther will be a separate release, once KDE4 is out). KDE4s version of KWin will support compisition by default. Though if you want to use Compiz Fusion with Kubuntu, simply install it. It works great on my rather underpowered laptop (HP nx6110, Intel 915, 512 MB RAM). I've used it daily with Fesity and continue to do so in Gutsy. For easy starting install Fusion Icon, a tray applet (it's not in the repos, unfortunately). --Sokraates
  • I loved it -- JonathanRiddell 2007-09-27 10:26:00

  • I'm still downloading but I have a few questions. There are quite a few differences between ubuntu and kubuntu's release notes and I was wondering if kubuntu shared some of the features that were only in ubuntu's one. Obviously most are for gnome but is kubuntu getting compiz-fusion and apparmour by default? -- PhilipMacpherson 2007-09-27 14:38:32

  • The color scheme has been changed as requested. But not including compiz-fusion still leaves me feeling that Canonical thinks more about Gnome than KDE. As for color scheme there is still a small spot of purple left out. Look closely at the menu icon in KDM. Wink ;-) --Chandru

  • Though strigi has integrated well with konqueror, the look and feel of the way results are displayed is not appealing. --Chandru
    • I couldn't make Strigi work right. When searching, it only looked for the meta data, but neglected the filenames. Sad :( --Sokraates

  • Making Dolphin the default file manager is a great idea. It is really simple but thankfully not as simple (read minimalistic) as Nautilus. It is sufficiently powerful, if not more, for file management. KIO slaves though wonderful in Konqueror were buggy. So I'm all for Dolphin if it bug free. --Chandru
    • I was unable to swich to konqueror like default file manager insted of dolthin. Is there any option to do that? Dolthin is to robust for me. -dumas33
  • Dolphin doesn't contain a "sort by type" function... If it is to be the default file-manager, this is a VERY essential function that should be included... / Nikoo Oct 1st 2007.
  • I strongly feel that the Kubuntu home page needs to be redesigned. Of all the home pages of Ubuntu family of distros, this is the only one having a site which is more like a blog than a website for a high-quality product. Sad :-( --Chandru

    • At this point you are totally right. The Kubuntu home page has to show where the features and benifits of Kubuntu are. -- Bastianholst 2007-10-05 04:44:09

  • When you click on "Split View" two times in Dolphin, the right panel is not properly resized. --- Smarter 2007-09-27 21:11:10

  • The kmenu is still borken broken kmenu, this issue has been filed as bug, but not fixed yet. To re-produce: boot into Kubuntu Gutsy LiveCD, install language-support-zh from adept, and then choose it as the default language, restart your kdm, you will get this issue. --ZhengpengHou

  • Please, please, please remove the "Trash" icon from the panel as a separate item and add it to the other "places" list. Here is the example

It looks more "clean" and usable.

  • The upgrade procedure from kubuntu feisty to kubuntu gutsy beta was a total trouble for me (On my main machine. I had already installed gutsy on my laptop that`s why I already posted above).

    I described here all my problems --VangelisTasoulas

  • Love the new look and feel and a lot of the new features! Thanks! One question though ... for some reason seems to be unable to load any icons or something so instead of the B there for bold I get the text "BOLD" etc. does anybody know how how to fix this? --Andrea54

  • I tried to install using the alternate cd but after around 84% it didn't really change. It seemed to be downloading something but it still hadn't finished after a hour. I have slow Internet so I prefer to update when I'm not using the computer. Is there anyway to install the beta without it trying to download everything during the text install? All previous releases of kubuntu just installed for me giving the option to update the packages later. -- PhilipMacpherson 2007-10-01 06:01:23

  • network-manager-pptp doesnt work in network-manager-kde. I cannot choose pptp tunnel in settings. -- Lor 2007-10-01 06:55:03

  • Whenever I boot my laptop or desktop, usplash disappears for a second and the terminal shows, that KDM is starting. When shutting down, before usplash starts the terminal appears and shows that KDM is being stopped. Does anyone else have this problem? From what I hear and read, Ubuntu tweaked the system so that the terminal no longer shows during booting and shutting down. --Sokraates
    • The last time I saw this work properly was in Edgy. Hasn't since then. -- Jamboarder
      • I still have this "problem" with Feisty on my desktop computer. I had it also on Edgy (both fresh installs). --Nikoo October 2nd 2007

*I don't know about others yet but what I really like to see is the editing of icons and text below it on desktop - such as editing of width and height of spaces between icons, size of text below icons, size of icons in minute detail, adding and deleting icons, color and texture and sharpness of icons. @SIG@

  • So far my impression is mixed. On my game machine (AMD 2500+, 1Gb RAM) I updated with aptitude. There were some packages that wanted to overwrite files from other packages. kde-systemsettings still isn't working quite right. ksim does not work at all. On the other hand it is fairly smooth. On my Laptop (Dell Latitude CPx, PIII-667, 256Mb RAM) I installed with the CD since I blew up my previous install the night before. Took me several attempts to install since it is exceedingly slow. Up to 5m delays to refresh the screen during partitioning. Once loaded it is slower than Feisty ever was. Frequent pauses during screen updates, locked up in KsysGuard when I tried to see what was causing it. ksim does not work here, either. Strigi won't go away and it looks like a lot of other services I don't need cannot be shut off from inside KDE. For example, cupsys, bluetooth support, etc. Right now I'd be really ambivalent on suggesting it to anyone as either a new distribution or an upgrade to Feisty. Oh, and Dolphin has to go or at least provide a method inside KDE to reset back to Konquerer. I thought it would be possible in the KDE settings under Default Applications but it is not. -- SteveLamb

  • If you right-click on a folder on the desktop and select "Open", it's opened with Konqueror instead of Dolphin.

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