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Ubuntu Next Florida LoCo Team Meeting: Tuesday, May 5th at 20:00 Eastern (details)

Ubuntu Florida LoCo Website

Current Status

In production

3/12/09 - Planet software installed. Need a call for planet feeds.

3/16/09 - Drupal development halted. Word Press evaluation is underway.

9/8/10 - Initiated move to new server. Installed Ubuntu Website Team WP Theme for evaluation. Sent notice to list. -dt


Develop an informational website that would enable the Ubuntu Florida LoCo to market itself much more easily, as well as provide easy access to help/getting started information for new users. The focus will be on making content available to browsers with a large number of users, where 'large' is defined by the website team (ie. we likely wont be testing Amaya or lynx). Team activities will still be coordinated via the team's wiki site.

Ideally the site would be hosted by Canonical and utilize the services they offer to approved teams.

Although we are not currently hosted by Canonical, we will follow the LoCoHosting Terms and Conditions as closely as possible. Specifically, the following apply to us:

  • If SSH access has been granted, the server contact may grant sudo (root) administration rights to other members of the LoCo team, provided they also sign the Ubuntu Code of Conduct and agree to these Terms and Conditions. (we currently do not have ssh access)

  • No content that is in breach of copyright or otherwise illegal may be stored on the server. This includes, but is not limited to, artwork or file downloads that are not authorized for distribution.
  • Good taste: The LoCo teams agrees to refrain from posting content that may offend other groups or individuals.

  • The LoCo team website should not contain advertising or promote one commercial enterprise over another. A neutral and objective listing of local companies providing services for Ubuntu is fine, however.

  • Teams agree to use the Ubuntu logo in accordance with the trademark policy.

In addition:

  • User contributed submissions should be made available under a CC friendly license (TBD)
  • User contributed submissions that are not relevant to Ubuntu or the Florida LoCo will be rejected.

  • No advertisements
  • Blogs linked to the planet should tag/categorize relevant content as 'Ubuntu' and only those posts will be aggregated

Project Plan

  1. change to ubuntu website community team theme
  2. add gravatar support
  3. add author ratings

Current To Do

  1. Feedback on Ubuntu Website Team theme

Proposed Features/Wishlist

Please add your requests here and append @SIG@. Accepted proposals will be moved to the To Do section

  • integrate pinax ( -- dantrevino 2010-09-08 05:38:02

Recently Completed Tasks

  • loco-dev site created
  • lp group added for website developers (~ubuntu-us-fl-website)
  • migration to wp
  • openid logins

Denied Features

  1. shop - Need a reliable way to handle money issues. Since this group is not a non-profit and has no back account, we have no way to manage this in an open and trustworthy way. Until we have that, the shop idea is on hold.
  2. default https for the whole site - this is just a news site, there is no need for encrypting what is already public news.

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